7-speed cassette & chain


I dug out an old racing bike recently, and need to replace the chain and probably the cassette, but I can't remember the spec. I don't have the bike at hand to check, either.

It's a Peugeot, and probably dates from the late 1980's. It has a 7-speed Shimano 105 groupset, Biopace chainrings(!), indexed downtube shifters, and brake levers with concealed cables. I have a feeling it might be "HyperGlide".

I'm almost certain it will have a 130mm OLN rear hub and a cassette, but is it possible it predates that and has a screw-on freewheel etc?

It looks like 7-speed cassettes aren't exactly common nowadays! Any recommendations of what to buy, and from where?

Also, what's a good chain which would be compatible - something like the Wippermann 8SX?


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SJS are usaully my goto for such things



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Once there aren't any more 7 speed cassettes, you can remove one sprocket and spacer from an 8 speed cassette. Get the indexing bang-on for the middle sprocket and it'll be 0.6mm out at either end, which the floating jockey wheel will cope with :okay:
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