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I was looking at bike chains on E bay this morning and came across chains described as hollow and half hollow. Now I do not ever recall coming across this before (or perhaps I have never really looked) so can someone tell me what the difference is please? and is this something recent. :unsure:


It's to do with the pins which hold the chain together, a hollow pin is exactly that and supposedly they are stronger, although I've not seen any evidence to confirm that. They are also lighter having less material in them. I'd imagine a half hollow chain is where they pins are partially hollow rather than fully, but I've not seen any advertised anywhere as such.

Honestly if it's an unbranded chain from ebay I'd take their marketing with a pinch of salt.
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Ah but weight saving is not an issue when it has a Brooks, albeit a Swift Titanium
not forgetting all those extra grams ounces even the brooks will shave off the rider's undercarriage.
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