sram s600 chain rings


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hey guys an lassies, i fitted a new cassette and 9 spd chain to my ancient rock rider 540, this one to be exact

i believe i need a new middle chain ring as i get mad slipping with the new chain on my middle front ring which makes sense as i have thousands of miles on it and the middle is my mostly used one.

what chain rings are compatible with the other 2 rings or am i better of just buying a whole new s600 crank set?

i have a sram x7 on the back and a shimano deore on the front and 9 spd chain plus cassette.

i beleive this one is the one on it

any ideas on what i should do? i cannot seem to find individual chainrings for it.


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You might not be able to find them. Probably easier and cheaper to fit a new crankset. Decathlon have them for £25.
Or put the old chain back on :smile:


Spa Cycles are good for replacement chain rings, but a compatible ring may not be as cheap as the Decathlon chainset and there's probably more work involved in changing a chainring than replacing the chainset.
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