Chainring bolt for middle / outer XT M770 9-speed 2009


Market Rasen
I broke a chainring bolt. The alloy threaded collar is fine, it is just the bolt that broke off (which I managed to remove from the collar).
The chainset is a Deore XT M770 2009 triple. The bolt is for the outer / middle chainrings not the inner granny ring.
They are T25 head. They are proving elusive to find and not cheap. Just thought that it might be worth a punt on here as someone may have some kicking about.


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I think I might have one, but any chance you'd have a pic of one (or the broken bolt) soi can be sure?


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You want the Spa stainless steel ones. I can check in the morning what lengths. I used them on my xtr 2009 outer middle chain rings and work just great. Not expensive either.
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