1. silva

    chainring bolts

    Question: The Stronglight Track 2000 chainset has mounting bolts whose female (the part at the side of the frame, the "nut") part is not entirely cilindric, first a kind of ring, slightly larger diameter with grip ridges that fret themselves in the alu of the spider of the crankset, then a...
  2. chriscross1966

    Single chainring on Campagnolo Record ultratorque carbon 5-arm cranks?

    Hi folks, thanks to Campy's usual "heck you, we're Campy!" attitude the Carbon 5-arms use a special set of bolts, the threads on the four normal arm bolts are M6x0.75 and the hidden arm bolt thread is M8x0.75 ... does anyone one make a set of bolts to go single-ring on these or am I going to...
  3. S

    Race Face 104 32T chainring

    Does anyone have a 4 bolt 9 speed chainring lying around? It’s an old (2009 or thereabouts) drive train with the offending chainring looking like this;
  4. Blue Hills

    Removing a stuck chainring bolt

    Not just any stuck chainring bolt - one stuck by my own stupidity. Will try to explain as best as I can. I was doing some tinkering with an unused 8 speed triple Shimano chainset, seeing if I could get some brand new chainrings from another Shimano 9 speed series to fit it. In screwing the...
  5. broady

    6800 50 tooth chainring wanted (ideally new)

    Anyone have one laying around in their spares draw?
  6. C

    Shimano 105 5600/5700/5800/R7000 chainring compatibility

    Hi, I need to change one or probably both of my chainrings on my 50/34 5600. Surprisingly, there are not that many available replacement parts available. Could I use a (11-speed) 5700 chainring or even 5800/R7000 one or is that a silly idea? Thank you
  7. wonderloaf

    Chainring bolts for Ultegra R8000

    Whilst doing some maintenance today managed to strip the head off of one of the chainring bolts on my Ultegra R8000 chainset, does anyone know of a decent supplier for new parts? As a temporary measure I've cannabilsed a bolt from another 6800 groupset which seems to fit. A general search on the...
  8. Con

    Is my middle chainring ok ?

    Hi I've just been cleaning my bike and noticed my middle chain ring is a lot more worn than the other 2 do you think it needs changing or will it be ok for a while. Also I seem to live in the middle one and was thinking of going 2x instead of 3x with something like 36-28 or 38- 28 I'm currently...
  9. Kell

    Another Chainring question.

    I'm still undecided about the 44T chainring. Loving the fact it makes the hill near home easier, but for the sake of one 6 minute climb, it's compromising other aspects of the ride. As Brompton only do a 44T, 50T and 54T, is there any reason why I couldn't switch to any other 130BCD 3/32...
  10. R

    Stuck 6800 chainring shifter after swapping cables

    Hi all, a common question about stuck shifters. I remembered freeing up my old 6700 before with GT85 and an air duster but tried the same on my current 6800 shifter and didn't work. Also swapped out the inner gear cable but problem seems to be that the cable ends are not moving in the shifter...
  11. C


    Hi there . I'm after a bit of advice. I've just replaced a chainring on my tern link p 9 because my old one was bent. But now I've put the new one on it still looks a little bit bent when I rotate the crank . I've checked the chainring on a flat surface and its fine and checked the mating...
  12. night cycler

    Chain ring PIN lost from large ring-what is it`s function?

    I have read two different opinions regarding the purpose/function of the Pin . One was that it stops the chain getting jammed if it came off the ring. Another was that it helps the chain move across to the next chain ring when changing.
  13. night cycler

    Does this chain ring look worn?

    I have been looking at a used bike online that I am interested in. It is described as one year old. I don`t know much about bikes but some of the teeth on the chain ring look a bit different to the rest of them.
  14. Kell

    Chainring bolts

    Hi all, Somehow managed to lose the single bolt that attaches round the back of the crank rather than one of the ones for the holes on the spider. Without wishing to purchase an entire new set just for one bolt (especially as I have a spare set of the other four) does anyone know where I can...
  15. C

    another chainring question

    Hi there I've got another question.i have been looking at buying a chainring . Maybe TA or STRONGLIGHT brand .but it says inner or outer .but my tern has a single sprocket on the front .so can i use a inner or outer or do i need a specific chainring for a single cog .and do I have to order one...
  16. C


    Hi there.I'm after a new chainring for my tern link p9 .because I took mine off and it looks a bit like a Pringle and rattling on my chain guard .does anybody know of any good brands that are reasonably price please .it a 53t 130 bcd .thanks
  17. Trevrev

    Single chainring conversion. New thread!

    Hello everyone, I've got a specialized Crosstrail elite. I want to get rid of the front Mech and go for a single front chainring. It's a 68mm BB shell but needs a 73mm BB with spacers. It currently has a FSA Modular VDrive Crankset, 44/32T. 10 speed chain! FSA do a Modular single chainring which...
  18. M

    Missing chainring bolts

    This morning I noticed that 4 of my 5 chainring bolts were missing. The one near the crank was in place. Never had them come loose before. Is this a mechanical or a thieving toerag?
  19. Trevrev

    Single chainring conversion

    Hello guys, I'm looking at changing my Specialized Crosstrail elite to single chain ring. Never use the granny ring and I like the simplicity of single. To be able to keep my chainring at 44T, Maybe even increase it slightly, with a narrow wide chainring, It looks like i'll have to use a Road...
  20. T

    Chainring. Swap

    Hi total bike noob here. Looking to buy a cannondale 2019 synapse Tiagra disc. Comes with a fsa megaexo bottom bracket and a fsa omega alloy 50.34 chainring. I would like to swap the chain ring for a Shimano Tiagra 4700 50.34 chainring. Just so it matches and keeps the group set the same...
  21. S

    Chainring wear

    Just changed the chain - how are my teeth looking? I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in terms of wear: Cheers
  22. smokeysmoo

    Chainring Options...........or not as the case may be...........

    I'm currently running a Shimano 6700 53/39 chainset on the CAAD, just like this one; Looking at chainrings I think I'm stuck with the standard ones due to the shape of the spider, is this the case or has anyone found any alternatives? FWIW I fancy oval rings but think I'll have to swap the...
  23. sir adrian dangerous

    Gong from a 44 to a 40 chainring

    My question is, can I just swap a 44t chainring for a 40t without having to change anything else except the chain length? I've currently got a 1x11 sram rival chain set.
  24. hoppym27

    Chainring Question

    I need to replace my outer chainring on my BTwin T500, its the Ounce groupset...I know its a 130BCD but can I buy any brand of that nature and install it? i.e are the boltholes in the same place whatever the brand?
  25. BromptonChrispy

    Brompton Double Chainring

    Thanks to the contributors who helped me with a simple but very effective modification, particularly Fab Foodie, The Doctor, and Pale Rider. As I had no "bits-box chain-sets" I bought a new Stronglight 50/34 with 170mm cranks - same as the Brompton stock on my 2014 S6L with JIS taper BB...
  26. Low Gear Guy

    Have I bent the chainring?

    I have been having some indexing problems with my Hard Rock for a while. I think I have finally sorted it. The middle chainring is no longer straight. Does anyone know if this is a design feature to aid shifting? How could I bend the inner but not the outer? Thanks in advance.
  27. B

    vintage chainring question

    Hi, I have a 70s Galaxy and the front inner chainring is a Sakae 40T ( outer is 52) . I'd like to swop it to a 36 or 34, as the hills are starting to make me blow a bit, but I'm not sure what would fit! It has 5 inner bolt holes and they are 7cm apart, and the distance they are from the crank...
  28. SpokeyDokey

    105 5800 outer chainring - in two parts?

    As per thread title - is the 105 5800 chainring in two parts? I've been tracking down a small clicking noise which occurred yesterday in my rarely used small/small combo. Not a real issue tbh but I thought that I would check hanger alignment (slightly off and corrected) and the rear mech'...
  29. dickyknees

    Chainring “pin” thing.

    Any ideas on what these are on my 50 tooth chainring? One looks to be missing. Deep clean still in progress! Having a second look, the “missing” thing’s location hole looks a different profile to the others.
  30. MossCommuter

    Help me find a singlespeed chainring: 42 teeth, 130mm BCD (five bolts), for 3/32 chain

    Having trouble finding a replacement chainring: Singlespeed 42 teeth 130mm BCD (five bolts) 3/32 chain Replacing now defunct model: Driveline TK-13 42T 3/32in There might be somewhere you know of that I have not looked yet; any help appreciated.
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