1. All uphill

    48t Spa chainring. 110 BCD, £15 posted to UK.

    Used for about 500 miles.
  2. wafter

    Dead Shimano MTB direct-mount chainring..

    ... for the purposes of tinkering. Size and condition not important (although would appreciate the centre spider being intact!). If you have one with worn-out teeth I'll gladly pay the postage :) Cheers!
  3. Y

    75t Chainring

    110 BCD, used on my velomobile both as a single chainring and big ring with a 54t combo. Couple of scuffs but teeth are virtually unmarked. Made by Leo at Alligt Ligfietsen in the Netherlands with a special request for double chain guides/protectors, cost was 150 Euro, Leo now does not like...
  4. Tom B

    WANTED: New / Newish 48t 4arm Shimano Chainring

    I know they're not to everyone's tastes so was wondering if anyone had one stuck in the parts bin/box. They seem a bit hard to come by / excessively expensive at the moment. It's for a shimano 311 so I'll be looking to pay a tenner or so. This is the badger I could do with replacing
  5. Tom B

    Ignore duplicate thread

    Duplicate thread
  6. Blue Hills

    Chainring removal and cleaning?

    Seriously nerdy question here. Do folk ever remove their chain rings to clear all the grot out that sits in all those chainring/crank corners? Or is it just pointless - the grot/road debris will just get there again in no time? And maybe is in any case no great problem/won't degrade anything...
  7. LarryDuff

    Front Chainring

    I need to replace my worn front Chainring, Shimano 105. The existing one is FC-5800 50 tooth which I cannot seem to find anywhere. Do you know if the FC-R7000 is a compatible replacement? Thanks.
  8. P

    Outer chainring pointy

    The teeth on my outer chainring have become pointy, the chain often slips off onto the small ring when under load. Can the outer ring be changed? It a 10 speed SLX M675
  9. D

    Chainring bolt torque value?

    I dismantled my triple chainring to have a decent look at wear on the middle ring (hence my recent search for a compatible replacement). In doing so, I noticed that a couple of the bolts weren't particularly tight. When I reassembled everything, I nipped up the bolts at tightly as I could with...
  10. Kell

    Has anyone swapped out their chainring for a non-oem?

    Next time I need to change my chainring, I might look at something a little smaller than the 50T I currently have. Tried the 44T in the past and it wasn't right. So looking at a 46 or 48 if I can find the right thing. Why? After almost a year and a half of not using my Brompton, I was in at...
  11. D

    Wanted: middle chainring 36t 104 mm 4 bolt, pref steel

    My fault for letting the chain wear to 1% (and of course doing most of my pedalling on the middle ring). :sad: Original was a Suntour CRG730-36T, but they're pretty well unobtainable nowadays.
  12. DCBassman

    Do I need Loctite for chainring bolts?

    Having discovered that two out of three of the Scott's chainrings were attempting to go AWOL, I'm awaiting a proper chainring bolt tool from SJS. Is that it, apart from more regularly checking, or is a dab of some threadlock a good move? TIA.
  13. T

    Can I just let the chain/cassette/big chainring all wear out together now and replace later?

    Hi all, I have my first sportive in 5 September (Tour o the Borders) and so I took my bike in to Decathlon for its free safety check seeing as I have had my bike for about a year now. Unfortunately they told me that my chain/cassette/big chainring was all worn out. :wacko: I had actually only...
  14. C

    Identify Steel chainring

    Hello I’m trying to find information on a crank that was removed from a Dawes Made in England stamped UtilityAny idea?
  15. GreenwichSi

    Chain has removed itself from the chainring and the chain guard is seemingly impossible to remove.

    After the Great Evanscycles Fiasco concluded at the end of last week. I was all set to go on my first ride on Saturday, I get the bike outside and start pedalling, only to realise I'm going nowhere as the chain has decided to remove itself from the chainring. "Easy enough to fix", says I before...
  16. silva

    Chainring mount along M10 bolts and nuts

    Normally, chainrings are mounted with a number of dedicated allen key bolt head+sleeved nut, sunk. The pedaling force is transmitted from crank to spider, from spider to chainring, the latter along full contact of cilindric outer side of bolt/nut, with the alumium around the hole in the...
  17. cyberknight

    11 speed chainring Price drop £25 posted

    LBS supplied this to replace one they ordered by mistake , which i took back with the intention of installing myself but i know it would look odd as the arms dont marry up neatly to the old chainset 11 speed Plateau T.A. X110 110 BCD outer 50 tooth still in original packaging unopened , brand...
  18. K

    Chainset or 50t chainring Shimano 11 speed

    I need and am struggling to find at pre COVID tax prices, either a chainset 50/34 ideally 175mm can be non series like rs500 or 510, or a 5800/6800 50t chainring. Anybody got anything please?
  19. matticus

    Park chainring tool This seems too good to be true: a PARK TOOL for under a fiver, about half the price of the equivalent tools from "lesser" companies. What's the catch? Are they the best tool for the job?
  20. Smuggs

    chainring conundrum!

    I have a Giant Defy advanced 2 running shimano 105 gearing 10 speed. Chainrings are RS 500 50/34, 5 hole with a 110 mm BCD. they have lasted pretty well but are now worn and due for replacement. Only problem is that Shimano no longer make the RS500 rings. I’ve looked online and the Shimano 105...
  21. itboffin

    Shimano chainring bolt thread

    As per the title I have a Shimano 5800 52T chainring which has an integrated threaded bolt hole in the chainring itself rather than the older method of chainring bolt pairs with male/female, this model just has male bolt that screws into the ring, the problem being the screw body is pretty weak...
  22. Lovacott

    Chain Wrapping Up On Itself When Changing To The Smallest Chainring: Any Ideas?

    This has never happened to me before, but on the way home on Monday night, my drivetrain seized solid as I changed down to the smallest chainring on the way up a very steep incline (I changed down whilst I had good momentum so I wasn't loading the drivetrain). I walked the bike the rest of the...
  23. macp

    Brompton 50T to 44T

    Just done the mod on my S3L as I was finding 3rd a little tall. Im so impressed with the modular engineering on this bike. I think this will be the icing on the cake of what I believe is the best bike I have ever owned.
  24. Archie_tect

    Oval chainring?

    New oval chainring review by Cycling UK; link below
  25. SuperHans123

    Need advice on replacement gearing for a single chainring 9 speed hybrid

    I have a Cannondale Treadwell 2 hybrid bike. It has just 9 gears with a single front chainwheel and a 11/42 rear cassette. It has Micro Shift Advent gearing. Despite many efforts to fine tune by both myself and my LBS I am now utterly fed up of it slipping all the time. I want to upgrade but am...
  26. Andrew_Culture

    Fixie / Single Speed chainring bolt sizes

    Hello there! How long are Shimano compatible chainring bolts on fixies / Singlespeed bikes? Ideally I need the length of both halves of the bolts (male and female) separately and if possible how long the parts are when bolted together. Annoyingly I forgot to measure the chaninring bolts before...
  27. Gixxerman

    Chainring bolt for middle / outer XT M770 9-speed 2009

    I broke a chainring bolt. The alloy threaded collar is fine, it is just the bolt that broke off (which I managed to remove from the collar). The chainset is a Deore XT M770 2009 triple. The bolt is for the outer / middle chainrings not the inner granny ring. They are T25 head. They are proving...
  28. Reynard

    Building a triple chainring

    Finding a replacement triple for my junior MTB bike build is proving... challenging. Especially when on a limited budget. There's not much out there for square taper and cranks of 165mm or less that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Spa do a very nice touring triple, having said that, but...
  29. Dwn

    Single chainring bike for new-ish cyclist

    Over the course of the lockdown my wife has been cycling most days, having previously been a very infrequent cyclist. She has been using a Pinnacle hybrid (Sora groupset) and is quite happy with that. However she is now keen on acquiring a drop bar bike for occasional days out when it's dry...
  30. ColinJ

    Tips for removing worn chainring bolts?

    I have some seriously worn chainring bolts - no chance of undoing them with an allen key (of the right size). I don't want to buy a special tool to do the job. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos which didn't help. I have thought about hammering a screwdriver into the rounded off hex...
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