1. Lovacott

    Chain Wrapping Up On Itself When Changing To The Smallest Chainring: Any Ideas?

    This has never happened to me before, but on the way home on Monday night, my drivetrain seized solid as I changed down to the smallest chainring on the way up a very steep incline (I changed down whilst I had good momentum so I wasn't loading the drivetrain). I walked the bike the rest of the...
  2. macp

    Brompton 50T to 44T

    Just done the mod on my S3L as I was finding 3rd a little tall. Im so impressed with the modular engineering on this bike. I think this will be the icing on the cake of what I believe is the best bike I have ever owned.
  3. Archie_tect

    Oval chainring?

    New oval chainring review by Cycling UK; link below
  4. SuperHans123

    Need advice on replacement gearing for a single chainring 9 speed hybrid

    I have a Cannondale Treadwell 2 hybrid bike. It has just 9 gears with a single front chainwheel and a 11/42 rear cassette. It has Micro Shift Advent gearing. Despite many efforts to fine tune by both myself and my LBS I am now utterly fed up of it slipping all the time. I want to upgrade but am...
  5. Andrew_Culture

    Fixie / Single Speed chainring bolt sizes

    Hello there! How long are Shimano compatible chainring bolts on fixies / Singlespeed bikes? Ideally I need the length of both halves of the bolts (male and female) separately and if possible how long the parts are when bolted together. Annoyingly I forgot to measure the chaninring bolts before...
  6. Gixxerman

    Chainring bolt for middle / outer XT M770 9-speed 2009

    I broke a chainring bolt. The alloy threaded collar is fine, it is just the bolt that broke off (which I managed to remove from the collar). The chainset is a Deore XT M770 2009 triple. The bolt is for the outer / middle chainrings not the inner granny ring. They are T25 head. They are proving...
  7. Reynard

    Building a triple chainring

    Finding a replacement triple for my junior MTB bike build is proving... challenging. Especially when on a limited budget. There's not much out there for square taper and cranks of 165mm or less that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. Spa do a very nice touring triple, having said that, but...
  8. Dwn

    Single chainring bike for new-ish cyclist

    Over the course of the lockdown my wife has been cycling most days, having previously been a very infrequent cyclist. She has been using a Pinnacle hybrid (Sora groupset) and is quite happy with that. However she is now keen on acquiring a drop bar bike for occasional days out when it's dry...
  9. ColinJ

    Tips for removing worn chainring bolts?

    I have some seriously worn chainring bolts - no chance of undoing them with an allen key (of the right size). I don't want to buy a special tool to do the job. I have watched a couple of YouTube videos which didn't help. I have thought about hammering a screwdriver into the rounded off hex...
  10. C

    GRX FC-RX810 42T chainring

    This chainring came with a GRX crankset but was removed before use. Cheapest I can find these is £46.99 so will do for £40 RMSD. Cheers, Pete
  11. davidphilips

    Shocked at chainring prices?

    Had quite a shock this morning when i looked at the price of outer chainring (road bike) prices for the newer type ie Shimano 7900 prices? Seems to me that a bit of plastic on the side of a chainring puts the price up by about %300? Does any one else think this is a rip off ? Or know any way of...
  12. AliShah2020

    Need advice on upgrading 32T chainring

    Hi everyone! I am new to cycling. I bought a Mountain Bike last month and use it primarily for city commuting, exercise and going to the park occasionally. I have a 1 x 10, 32T chainring with 11/42T cassette. The gearing is 11-13-15-17-19-21-24-28-32-38-42. As my legs have gotten stronger I...
  13. sleuthey

    £14 Fixie Chainring Bodge

    I had a old Apollo MTB that cost me a tenner. It had a noisy Freewheel so doing a single speed conversion at a cost of £4 for a BMX Freewheel. I am using the middle ring on the OEM Chainset which I know is not supposed to come apart, I know the 2 redundant rings won’t do any harm left there and...
  14. B

    Absolute black subcompact oval chainring / tiagra crank issues

    So it says on their website that the 46/30 absolute black chainrings can be fitted to tiagra 4700 cranks.... With a little adjustment.... After I brutalized the cranks for a while with a file I just about got them together with the rings. But for the love of all things Holy I cannot get them to...
  15. Chris S

    Wobbly chainring

    The top of my chainring moves laterally by up to 5mm during a single rotation. Is this usual on a 1990 Raleigh Chiltern? If I tighten up the bottom bracket to reduce the movement then it binds in some places. (I'm currently waiting for a crank puller to remove it and inspect it properly)
  16. M

    When Should I Need to Change Chainring?

    Hi Some advice needed on chain ring wear. Have done approx 12k miles on an FSA chainset, pretty much all of it on large ring (it's flat round here and I'm lightweight) I've attached a photo. Would you consider I need to change the large ring or is it still OK do you reckon ? thanks in advance
  17. Gazjacko

    Absolute Black chainring Shimano/SRAM compatibility

    I have in my ‘eBay/car boot bargains’ box cycling stuff I have acquired at a bargain price. Whilst looking through I found a almost new 5x 110 bcd Absolute Black oval chainring. It’s marked specifically for some SRAM cranks. Should I have a go trying to get it to fit my Shimano 105 set up?
  18. Hugh Jampton

    Bigger Chainring on a 1 x Gravel Bike

    Hi Guys I have owned a Ribble Gravel Bike for a little while now. It is kitted out with a SRAM Rival 1 x 11 groupset This is 42t up front, with a 42-11 cassette. I have found that i have very quickly run out of gears and spend a lot of time sitting on the 11t cog. I would like to replace the...
  19. Kempstonian


    Anybody got a spare 30T chainring suitable for a Shimano Claris 8 speed? I have a triple chainring but the smallest ring is missing. I believe the smallest it will take is a 30T. I'm willing to pay of course. It doesn't have to be a Shimano as long as it will work.
  20. Arjimlad

    New chainring time..

    I think it's time to pop a new chainring on this but I am having trouble making sure I obtain the correct one. My chain's slipping again despite being within 0.5 and 0.75 on the wear detector, and on a new cassette too. A new chain is on order. It's an 8-speed Claris transmission with an FSA...
  21. silva

    chainring bolts

    Question: The Stronglight Track 2000 chainset has mounting bolts whose female (the part at the side of the frame, the "nut") part is not entirely cilindric, first a kind of ring, slightly larger diameter with grip ridges that fret themselves in the alu of the spider of the crankset, then a...
  22. chriscross1966

    Single chainring on Campagnolo Record ultratorque carbon 5-arm cranks?

    Hi folks, thanks to Campy's usual "heck you, we're Campy!" attitude the Carbon 5-arms use a special set of bolts, the threads on the four normal arm bolts are M6x0.75 and the hidden arm bolt thread is M8x0.75 ... does anyone one make a set of bolts to go single-ring on these or am I going to...
  23. S

    Race Face 104 32T chainring

    Does anyone have a 4 bolt 9 speed chainring lying around? It’s an old (2009 or thereabouts) drive train with the offending chainring looking like this;
  24. Blue Hills

    Removing a stuck chainring bolt

    Not just any stuck chainring bolt - one stuck by my own stupidity. Will try to explain as best as I can. I was doing some tinkering with an unused 8 speed triple Shimano chainset, seeing if I could get some brand new chainrings from another Shimano 9 speed series to fit it. In screwing the...
  25. broady

    6800 50 tooth chainring wanted (ideally new)

    Anyone have one laying around in their spares draw?
  26. C

    Shimano 105 5600/5700/5800/R7000 chainring compatibility

    Hi, I need to change one or probably both of my chainrings on my 50/34 5600. Surprisingly, there are not that many available replacement parts available. Could I use a (11-speed) 5700 chainring or even 5800/R7000 one or is that a silly idea? Thank you
  27. W

    Chainring bolts for Ultegra R8000

    Whilst doing some maintenance today managed to strip the head off of one of the chainring bolts on my Ultegra R8000 chainset, does anyone know of a decent supplier for new parts? As a temporary measure I've cannabilsed a bolt from another 6800 groupset which seems to fit. A general search on the...
  28. Con

    Is my middle chainring ok ?

    Hi I've just been cleaning my bike and noticed my middle chain ring is a lot more worn than the other 2 do you think it needs changing or will it be ok for a while. Also I seem to live in the middle one and was thinking of going 2x instead of 3x with something like 36-28 or 38- 28 I'm currently...
  29. Kell

    Another Chainring question.

    I'm still undecided about the 44T chainring. Loving the fact it makes the hill near home easier, but for the sake of one 6 minute climb, it's compromising other aspects of the ride. As Brompton only do a 44T, 50T and 54T, is there any reason why I couldn't switch to any other 130BCD 3/32...
  30. R

    Stuck 6800 chainring shifter after swapping cables

    Hi all, a common question about stuck shifters. I remembered freeing up my old 6700 before with GT85 and an air duster but tried the same on my current 6800 shifter and didn't work. Also swapped out the inner gear cable but problem seems to be that the cable ends are not moving in the shifter...
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