Wanted: middle chainring 36t 104 mm 4 bolt, pref steel

My fault for letting the chain wear to 1% (and of course doing most of my pedalling on the middle ring). :sad:

Original was a Suntour CRG730-36T, but they're pretty well unobtainable nowadays.
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I’ve got a spare Surly stainless 104 36t chainring if that’s any good. It’s designed for 1x or single speed so it might not be for you as there’s no ramps. I found it fine as part of a 2x with a 22t inner.
Thanks - I might take you up on that. I'm waiting to hear from my LBS, who are trying to persuade me they can fettle a Shimano middle ring, though I'm a bit sceptical as I think it will mess up the spacing.

I'll let you know shortly, thanks again.
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