Chainring bolt torque value?

I dismantled my triple chainring to have a decent look at wear on the middle ring (hence my recent search for a compatible replacement). In doing so, I noticed that a couple of the bolts weren't particularly tight.

When I reassembled everything, I nipped up the bolts at tightly as I could with a standard-length Allen key, having first applied threadlock, and I now have a creak from that area with each revolution of the cranks.

I'd like to eliminate any possible relative movement as a cause for the creak, so I want to reassemble everything without the threadlock, but appropriately torqued. What value should I use? Chainset is a Suntour XCR, rings and bolts are steel (though I'm about to fit a replacement Shimano middle ring, also steel).


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Don't have a torque wrench so just use the maxim 'effing tight and never had any problems.
Are you sure the creak is coming from the chain rings?
No, I'm not sure the creak is coming from the chainring, that's just the first possible cause that I'd like to eliminate.

It could be the BB, or even the pedals, I suppose. It just seemed a bit strange that it started when the only thing I've done recently was to disturb the chainrings.

Incidentally, what does the team think about the advisability/need for threadlock on those bolts?

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Back in the 80s my chainring bolts would often go walkabout.

Not had anything like that for decades though so I think the manufacturers have got their act together.

If I was taking them apart I would put threadlock on. I've never had one stick before.


The screws I use in the mouth to bolt things on to implants are lubricated so I can get the correct torque without juddering..
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