Fixie / Single Speed chainring bolt sizes

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Hello there! How long are Shimano compatible chainring bolts on fixies / Singlespeed bikes? Ideally I need the length of both halves of the bolts (male and female) separately and if possible how long the parts are when bolted together.

Annoyingly I forgot to measure the chaninring bolts before I sold my SingleSpeed!

I know they are shorter than the standard chainring bolts. I have some of those that I can measure.


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I've got some single speed bolts on my Sora chainset that I'm running as single speed, I've just popped one out and the following measurements:

Threaded section (Minus thickness of the head) 6mm

With the thickness of the head it's 8mm.

The other half is 5mm long in total.

Screwed together it's 8mm at it's maximum, but thats with the threaded section almost protruding from the other end.

I bought them from here: bolts


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If you have a grinding wheel you can put the bolt into the nut backwards and grind them both down a little. That way they will go back together easily when turned around for regular use. With a lot of folks going with 1x9, 1x10 or1x11 chain set ups the short bolts are a lot easier to find.
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