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  1. Zipp2001

    The winter Single Speed build is done.

    The hardest part was the wait for parts to come in, but that's over now. I turned my old Zipp2001 TT bike into a single speed, after I gave my other Zipp2001 single speed to my youngest son last year. But I wanted to be a tad different with this build and go with a gates carbon belt drive...
  2. berty bassett

    Single speed advise

    Looking at getting a single speed bike but not knowing a great deal about them I was wondering if I told you lot what I wanted , and listen to some advise to those who know more I am after a light bike , as I am light and really don’t want to make things harder than they have to be Wide-ish...
  3. B

    Single speed ebike

    My single speed ebike only lets me turn the pedals very slowly before the PAS motor kicks in. Any suggestions?
  4. gasinayr

    Spotted single speed in Glasgow

    While driving in Glasgow yesterday I saw a single speed bike locked up at a bike rack. It has curved chain stays and seat tubes like a "Curly Hetchins" but it looked new, and had what looked like carbon forks. Anyone know what it might be.
  5. JPBoothy

    Genesis Flyer Single Speed

    *Sorry, I'm struggling to load photos but I can send them another way to anybody interested.. The item for sale is my much cherished Genesis Flyer Single Speed road bike finished a beautiful metallic cherry red. The frame size is small (50cm) which would ideally suit somebody up to 5' 7".. I...
  6. Andrew_Culture

    Fixie / Single Speed chainring bolt sizes

    Hello there! How long are Shimano compatible chainring bolts on fixies / Singlespeed bikes? Ideally I need the length of both halves of the bolts (male and female) separately and if possible how long the parts are when bolted together. Annoyingly I forgot to measure the chaninring bolts before...
  7. Andrew_Culture

    [SOLD] 58cm Dave Lloyd framed SingleSpeed (with many upgrades)

    This is a SingleSpeed I built to be my 'forever bike' but it doesn't suit the type of riding I now do with my young daughter. I've called this bike bombproof for a good reason. There are solid Tannus Tyres on those Mavic Aksium wheels. So zero punctures. The wheels are bolted on with...
  8. addman100

    sold - pinnacle Arkose SSCX single speed cyclocross cx

    Pinaccle Arkose Single speed F&F - Medium TRP Hylex brakes The frame is also designed to accept a mech hanger to convert to a geared bike. RT86 160mm rotors Shimano XT M8000 175mm chainset / Superstar narrow-wide oval 38t chainring DT Swiss X490 rims on SLX centrelock hubs / WTB Nano's 40mm /...
  9. vickster

    *GONE* Free front wheel

    Planet X, decent condition, with skewer Free to anyone who wants to collect from SM1
  10. DCBassman

    ***Claimed***Single speed kit, postage only.

    Sprockets, spacers, lockring, tensioner by Weaponized. Yours for whatever the postage is.
  11. Zipp2001

    The Single Speed is alive !

    We've had such a light winter and today the temp got up to 45 degrees (7.2 Celsius). So why not pull out the good old Single Speed for a light rolling 15 mile romp. I always have fun swinging my legs over her beam and taking her for a romp. I love getting a good old leg trashing cranking out the...
  12. Sharky

    Single speed freewheels

    Does anybody have access to a variety of freewheels? My back wheel is a mavic elipse and have been using a cheap dicta freewheel with it. Nothing wrong with the dicta except that it makes a clunky noise. I tried to upgrade to a simano freewheel, but have found that when screwed on, there is...
  13. jamin100

    Single speed / fixie - £90

    This was my commuter but no longer required It’s a pub beater bike that you don’t mind leaving at the station. At some point it’s been sprayed black and that’s starting to come off and the original white paint is showing through it’s steel, I think it’s a Goku as this is the logo I can find on...
  14. Zipp2001

    Day by the lake with the Single Speed & Special Guest.

    Nice cool day rolling out the single speed by the lake and taking a special guest with me. View:
  15. Racing roadkill

    I think I’m going to convert my old road bike to single speed.

    It’s my BSA Tour de France from the mid 1980s, and my first road bike. I really haven’t got the time or inclination to do a full resto, so I’m going to convert it to single speed, when I get time.
  16. Zipp2001

    Take Me, Take Me, Single Speed bike !

    Started the morning thinking I was going to ride the road bike from the shop. Then decided that yesterdays trail ride was so fun that it was the 29+ from home after work instead. Go down to the bike cave to get the trail bike, and look over at the Single Speed and just had to take her out for...
  17. Whorty

    Tour of Cambridgeshire

    Anyone else doing this (the 100 miler) on a Single Speed or Fixie this year? If so, what gearing you looking at riding, and what is your target time to complete?
  18. ChrisEyles

    Single Speed Hardtail - M frame - £100 - SOLD

    Looking to sell this single speed hardtail MTB that I did up recently. I bought this bike as a donor for another project, then decided it was too nice to languish as a bare frame in the shed, so built it up again as a SS. Medium frame (18" seat tube) 32/17 gearing (brand new 17t sprocket and...
  19. silva

    Which brands/models chainsets / chainrings have perfect centering?

    Since my newest bicycle I'm plagued with serious chain tension variation. First a Sugino now also a Stronglight. Other causes have been eliminated, I replaced chainring/chain/rear cog with new, still directly a tension variation of 2 cm up and down, which is said to result from a 0.5 mm...
  20. Zipp2001

    Single Speed comes out of hibernation

    With the trails being more bike and hike right now because of the warmer temps and melting snow. It was time to dust off the Single Speed and go play out on the roads. View:
  21. N

    Building a Single Speed

    Hi, I am looking at the 2 frames below to build a cheap SS. I am pretty technically inept but want to improve. Are there any obvious issues/things I would need to consider with the frames below? I know I would need a chain tensioner for the vertical dropouts. I am leaning on the caliper...
  22. PHL67

    Falcon 531 single speed

    Update for my Falcon. This is so light. Put in some bars and wheels to get a perspective. Wheels will change but I think I will keep the bars.
  23. BeardyAndyM

    What gear ratios are you running?.....

    I'm currently running 42/18 on my cyclocross bike and it can become a bit of a wrestling match on the longer gravel climbs! Was thinking i could go 36 at the front as i'd rather spin out than blow up, thoughts are appreciated.
  24. jay clock

    Across Australia on a single speed in 1918

    Great story!
  25. ChrisEyles

    Single Speed plus Granny - will it work?

    First the idea - since it might sound stupid I'll add some background as to why I want to achieve this next post. I want to convert my 90's rigid Marin to SS, with the option of a granny gear for long steep climbs. I currently have a triple 42/32/24 chain ring set-up, and an 11-34t...
  26. Twizit

    Single Speed various components for sale

    Stronglight single chainring 48t plus 5 single chainring bolts. Relatively little use. £15 + PP Miche 18t single fixed cog. Brand new - £5 +PP White Industries ENO freewheel, 17t. Nearly new with very little wear. Absolutely bomb proof freewheels and fully serviceable. Currently £89 new from...
  27. Twizit

    Single Speed frame and wheelset for sale

    On one Pompino frame, large in white and fluro green. Will include the Brick Lane Bikes stem, spacers, Cane Creek headset, Planet X seatpost and Charge Spoon Saddle. No idea how to price this one as the frame has been well used and it shows in the paint finish! However, it's never been crashed...
  28. addman100

    Sold. On One Macinato single speed 54cm

    On one macinato single speed road bike 54cm Upgraded carbon kinesis forks Planet X CNC stem Carbon seatpost Ritchy alloy bars Everything else is standard In good condition, there are cable marks and marks here and there but nothing significant. No dents. Quandro wheels, run true and...
  29. biggs682

    Woodrup Ex track bike single speed

    I need to thin my collection down a bit and i think Meet Woody the Woodrup hopefully has a strong chance of selling , so it's being offered for sale here first . Most of the details are in the thread but if you need anymore please shout . At the moment it's set up on freewheel i have done...
  30. PHL67

    Newly refurbished single speed vintage Dawes

    Vintage 1952 Dawes Windrush refurbished into a fantastic single speed with flip flop rear wheel. 531 frame. Size of frame is 57cm. SR crank. Sakae handlebar stem. Engraved bars. Vittoria tyres. New cables & bar tape. New chain. Original head badge. Please see pictures for condition. This bike is...
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