The winter Single Speed build is done.


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The hardest part was the wait for parts to come in, but that's over now. I turned my old Zipp2001 TT bike into a single speed, after I gave my other Zipp2001 single speed to my youngest son last year. But I wanted to be a tad different with this build and go with a gates carbon belt drive system. Looking forward to getting it out on a shakedown ride tomorrow.






Found in the Yorkshire hills ...
A little different to most people's winter bikes :eek:


winter bike?
mudguards -tick
28mm plus tyres - tick
comfy riding position - tick

its beautiful its own monstrous interpretation of a bike kind of way!
I like the colour scheme.


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That's really good.
I think we would all like to know how the belt drive works out.
Mind you you don't have a seat stay to worry about so l guess fitting is easy.


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I figured the Zipp2001 bike would be perfect for a belt drive system because of the frame design.
I was thinking that it would be interesting to try belt drive, but I hadn't thought about the frame issue!

(For those as thick as me - a belt is continuous and can't broken like a chain to thread it through normal chain/seatstays. That would normally mean an adapted frame design with a stay that could be separated to let a belt through. This bike's frame doesn't have the problem because of its unusual design.)
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