single speed

  1. .stu

    My mod-o-fied single speed e-bike

    Due to the onset of rheumatism over the last year or so, I decided to get myself an e-bike. It is really easy to ride and fun too, but the flat bars were too wide after my road bike, so I made a few changes.... I really enjoy riding this bike. It's single speed and has a belt drive so it's...
  2. Wetdog

    Single speed bike

    just been put up on a local selling page. It's in Leigh, Lancs, and it's £100. Seemed a good price to me. This is not for sale by me, but it is on a local selling page.
  3. MrFixed

    Calling Any Bolton DIYers

    I've having a major issue with my bottom bracket. I've bought a 80s Raleigh with the intention of making it fixed gear but my bottom bracket is seized to buggery, and to add to the problem I've shattered the teeth on the non-British side. If anyone could help me that would be brilliant.
  4. coco279

    Single speed mtb

    Does anyone know anwhere in scotland that would convert my mtb to a single speed?
  5. U

    Wanted: 1" quill stem, single speed chainset, 1" seat post, one or two brakes

  6. rideswithmoobs

    Condor Single Speed

    The new Galibier single. Apparently the email says the team are using it on the tour de Yorkshire April 29th for. Looks strange. Anyone explain the frame design ?
  7. U

    Single speed chrankset wanted

  8. rideswithmoobs

    Shimano freewheel

    Shimano Single Speed Freewheel 16t. Says for BMX riding but are they interchangeable and will it fit my Genesis day one ? At nearly 30 English pounds I don't want the wrong one !!!
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