Chainring mount along M10 bolts and nuts


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Normally, chainrings are mounted with a number of dedicated allen key bolt head+sleeved nut, sunk.
The pedaling force is transmitted from crank to spider, from spider to chainring, the latter along full contact of cilindric outer side of bolt/nut, with the alumium around the hole in the chainring.
Now, an M10 bolt goes through the hole, but is threaded fully, so no flat surface anymore, so it could be that the hole in the chainring gets fret out by the steel thread.
Today, first attempt to replace bolts with the standard ones (M10, key 17 mm), succeeded, and I rode 15 km now and then checking the bolts tensions.
It all looked okay. It is now much easier to mount unmount a chainring
But what will it be over some time?
Would the steel bolts thread fret out chainring holes?
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