changed my route and had a lovely ride for a change

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I usually ride to work on the shared cycle path/footpath past the schools and through a park, but it is grief every day because of the mums who walk 3 or 4 abreast and the dogwalkers who will not move aside for a cyclist.

They are largely incapable of distinguishing between the pink cycle lane and the grey footpath, but I never show impatience or annoyance, and always nod, wave or say thanks when they do move aside to allow me to pass.

Over the last 2 years I have changed my bell (thinking they couldn't hear it) for a horn (too aggressive?), then to a squeaky toy (funny, but not loud enough) to another horn (which got me called "rude" last week).

So today I went the long way round, on the busy main road: and it worked out quicker because I didn't have to slow down for anyone. I arrived at work refreshed and cheerful instead of grumpy and late :wacko:


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I hear you there. I made a decision when I started commuting to pretend the bike was a moped, and to ride it as such. No kerb hopping. No cycle paths. No squeezing through on the kerb side. No RLJs.

Result is I get on better, get there quicker, and seem to get better treatment from the other road users. I do use ASLs, but then, so do the mopeds... :wacko:
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