Changing in internal hub?


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Hi all, I'm fairly new to commuting to work by bike so I've got very limited know how. I've got a Specialized San Francisco 2 that has a Shimano 3 speed internal hub my question is - is it possible to change to a Nexus 8 speed or Alfine 8 speed hub? Would one have to buy all of the kit that goes with it and/or a new back wheel or can I canibalise alot of what I've already got?

It's a cracking bike for my main purpose which is a very flat commute but I was thinking an upgrade to a hub with more speeds might make it a little more flexible.



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before you start, can i ask what sprocket you have on the back, what chainwheel on the front and what tyre size ?
the reason i ask is that i'm firmly of the belief that there's a holy trinity of gear inches for a 3-speed hub, ie. 46", 62" & 82" often 3 speed bikes are horrendously overgeared and the simple prcedure of a new rear sprocket and chain could transform it, for c.£10-£12 and 1 hour of your time could re-use the rim, and even the spokes if
a. they're in good condition
b. you're a wheelbuilder.

however, i'd be tempted to leave that wheel as is, and buy a new one. that way, you've got a spare wheel if you ever damage the rim or hub of your bike.

i'd also steer clear of shimano hub gears, and would use sram 5,7 or 9 speed.

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