Changing Islabike Creig 26 Grip Gear Shifter to Thumb Gear Shifter?

I managed to buy a secondhand Islabike Creig 26 for my 9 year old son which he loves. However, I am looking to change the Grip Shifter (10 speed Sram X5 derailleur) to a Thumb Shifter. Does anyone have any experience in doing this and could recommend a good brand/model that would work with this. Also, I would prefer one that clearly indicates the gear number. Any suggestions really appreciated. Thanks


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this site is aimed at stuff for kids and their bikes including shifters. Clearly they need to be compatible with the other components on the bike

sram x5? No numbers but they’re not necessary
Tweeks sometimes show stock they don’t have so perhaps call if these work

I’d personally contact Islabikes however for their advice
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The latest model appears to have thumb shifters but they don’t say what make/model.
The x7 would appear to be one you need.

Unless you’re confident about doing the conversion I’d give it to your LBS.


Relatively easy switch to make, you just need to unthread and rethread the inner gear cable, personally I'd fit a new inner cable as they are cheap and its easier to rethread a clean cable than a cut one.

compatibility wise, whilst the cassette spacing on SRAM = Shimano, the derailleur and shifters dont work cross brand at 10spd. You'll need to either stick to a SRAM for a thumb shifter (with no window/indicator) or go Shimano or Microshift for a window, but change the rear derailleur too (for a shimano or microshift one). you can mix can match Microshift and Shimano MTB bits.
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