Chariot Captain 2 Trailer - used, free, N London


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Two child trailer with a solid HDPE base so you can wash it out. Front buggy wheels so you can disconnect and wheel it about. One tow arm, two hitches so you can swap between bikes easily. Whole thing folds down for easier storage or bunging in a car.

Spare wheel that is slightly buckled after a pot-hole incident - LBS trued it as much as they could but bought a replacement, so basically a spare hub/tyre.

Can take a single child if you position the harness in the middle.

After years of commuting multiple children to school in this, it’s been in the shed for a year or two and the kids no longer fit in it :smile:
Sad to see it go.

It’s a bit mottled but still perfectly functional. It has a few minor problems:

The elastic on the rain cover is no longer tight, and one corner has torn where it is normally anchored down.

Rear push handle foam has split on both sides so it’s tape-wrapped (and actually nicer to hold/push)

Spring clip to end of tow bar is rusty.

Because of the above, I’m giving it away.

Pick up (and tow away!) from London, Holloway N7.


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Accra, Ghana
Very generous of you. I gave you a like as you haven't had one for twelve years :smile:.
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