Cheap carbon BMC - worth buying?


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Accra, Ghana
This turned up in nearby Madina sold by a guy who has a street shop selling all kinds of bikes. Think it must be an old model as I wasn't familiar with it, Carborazor'. SRAM X9 gearing, Shimano hydraulic brakes of which one has a problem as the lever goes back to the bars.
Reasonable condition overall and couldn't see any damage or fractures to the frame.
He wants about £200 for it but I think I can bargain him down to about half that which is his 'regular' price. He's trading on my interest for these types of machine and I'm pretty sure he pays the same price for each bike.

Wheels are true and tyres are 23c which has minimal clearance on the back so won't be able to go wider.

Worth a punt?
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I'd go for it. If the internet is anything to go by, it's a 2007 model.


Perfect for converting to a road bike with drop bars. At the rear has it had a dual pivot rim calliper fitted at some point or a mudguard as the paint is all scratched away.


Also would drive me blinking mad, the wheels don’t match. The rear looks like a magic but the front looks like an Alex rim?


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I'm not familiar with a "carbonrazor" model.... It's definitely pre-2008, that weird seat stay / top tube clamp arrangement was on the Team Machine, Road Machine etc around mid 2000s up to about 07/08, then they started that very recogniseable BMC signature seat stay that joins the down tube lower down.

I'd say it's worth a hundred in that market. Looks nice and tidy. I wouldn't go higher than that in Africa, even in Europe that's probably fetching not much more than 150.
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