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Out on a little ride tonight I popped into the Esso garage for a bar of choccie for a reward.

They are selling Thinsulate gloves for £2.99 a pair. They were much warmer on the way home than the pair I was wearing on the the way there. Recommended.

Smokin Joe

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Mrs Smokin Joe got me a pair at the local cheapo store for £1.99, absolutely brilliant. In fact they are too warm for the mild weather we have been having lately.

Beware the Thinsulate wooly hats though, they are a loose fit and tend to blow off in a headwind.


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Tesco do some good fleece gloves for £2. They are nor labelled as windproof but they do seem to be as they kept my hands very warm during the recent cold snap.


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I like these too, they keep your hands warm and are brilliant for wiping sweat and/or snot from your face!


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Decathlon are selling off their winter gloves - £6-7 per pair - bought an MTB style pair for commuting, and a nice road pair for weekends - fairly warm - I'd say 3C plus for the MTB ones - not as warm as Altura's, but I wanted a lighter weight glove.


I'd want a hard wearing palm, gel is nice too. a half decent pair of gloves isn't expensive and lasts for yonks, you'll be grateful if you end up diving into tarmac
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