Check out my little cycling star...

Good on you Jake! :tongue:


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It's great when the kids do their first un-aided ride,i've got my 6 & 4 year old up and running and now my 2 year old has just got the first of the hand-me-down Barbie bikes.
Well done !


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Well done Jake, looking very proud!

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andyfromotley said:
with apologies for those who hate kids!!

Unfortunately, if you are to say that you DO love kids, and you are a bloke, then people start to get the wrong ideas about you!! ;)

By the way, I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was about 8, so stop showing off!! Fnarr fnarr!!


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Great stuff.

Glad to see no stabilisers in sight. (All they do is stop children from learning to balance).

I was out on the Exe Estuary path a couple of weeks ago and was thanked for stopping while a lad the size of Jake went past. I was told it was his first time outside his garden, so perhaps the next challenge for Jake should be an off-road path!
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