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Hello guys, I recently posted here about my trip next month.. I was planning on finding a travel buddie but have now decided to go it alone.. Just want to get away from it all to be honest. Bit scary but should be good exp. I'm going to wild camp through France and beyond on my bike. Anyway I have started a blog and am going to write a diary and put up photos from my trip as I go along so check it out if you are intrested.



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Good on you.

There are pro's and con's to having a touring buddy.

Good company, but you feel 'tied' to please each other with destination/camp site/mileage etc.

Solo is lonely, but it makes you engage with the locals in a way you might not do in a group?


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I think you'll have a great time. Going solo is easier in that you can go when and where you please. You'll probably meet people on the way, esp if you stay at the excellent and cheap municipal campsites


yeah why wildcamp when the municipal campsites are brilliant 5 and7 euro a night is great .anyway have a great tour and loads of pic's please .


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Yes I have wild camped and done the muni and other campsites in France and beyond. I always travel solo, as mentioned come and go as you please and I have met lots of folks on the way in different countries. This year am doing a three week tour of the baltic countries and catching a flight back from Finland......Vilnius to Finland that year hope to get a 26 wheel long haul trucker and pop over to chile or somewhere


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Thanks guys for all your replies and ideas! will keep my blog updated as much as possible! Am going to make a stop at the Loire Valley on route will that be nice?
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