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Ste T.

Does anybody know a long child friendly, car free, flatish route in the NW or more specifically within 50 miles of Liverpool. I have 7 and 9 yearold girls who are keen to do the miles but are not yet good enough to mix with traffic .I want to take advantage of their enthusiasm before they go off the idea. Circular would be great but linear would do fine. Thanks


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Quite a few ste, wirral waterfront - Seacombe to West Kirby, you can park at Seacombe ferry terminal and ride along the promenade, no cars at all. There is also the Wirral Way - Hooton to Parkgate, and if they are upto it onto West Kirby, I thinks a round trip is about 27 mile and no cars at all, just walkers and horse riders. Or Chester to Connahs Quay along cycle route 5, thats a tarmaced old railway run, very nice ride.

I am sure there are more, but those are some of the ones I have done recently, only because I live in Wirral. There is also a Delamere forest, haven't done that one yet though!.

If anybody else has some I will be interested as well.

I've been building up the miles with my eldest - now 8. Cycle paths have been invaluable for this! But even when we do a mostly off-road ride, I always try to get a bit of (age-appropriate) road stuff in there, and we add in the difficult stuff little by little. I actually feel reasonably confident with him in most traffic now - he even does roundbouts (sometimes). The difference in road awareness and traffic skills between him and a lot of his friends is really noticeable - and means that the choice of routes just keeps getting better.

Two at once if it's with only one adult is a lot trickier though!


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There's the Loop Line of course - child friendly & def flat. It's straight rather than a loop, (name notwithstanding!) and you can add on to either end as it forms a part of route 62 on the national network & the Trans Pennine trail. Some people report glass on parts of the line but I've not seen it on my few traipses.
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