Chilly Crown Jewels


As the temperatures continue to drop i'm starting to make a sensible transition from autumn to winter kit. One thing i've never really solved though is how to keep my 'crown jewels' warm.

Currently my winter bottoms consist of a pair of FDX winter thermal (allegedly) bib longs but me sensitive areas are, at temps close to 0c, either frozen white or numb when i get to work these days.

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem by way of better clothing recommendations?

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I had this problem last year... and after a 40min ride to work in the rain at about 2C, I had very sore thighs from the wind chill...

I bought some Pearl Izumi Elite Amfib bib tights. They don’t have a pad, so I can wear them a fair bit before they need a wash as I stick them over my bib shorts. They have neoprene panels to keep the rain off and are mega warm. They also have a section at the bottom that pulls down over your boots or overshoes to stop the rain running into them.

They were about £60 and are probably the best piece of clothing I’ve bought for the commute.
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