Chris Froome Sports Life Story

Due to be screened on ITV4 at 10pm on 24th February 2015; presented by Ned Boulting, so should be informative and delivered with a degree of knowledge and humour.

He might even be able to identify Froome in a crowded room (unlike some I could mention...) ;)


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Give us a reminder after it has been shown and I will catch it on ITV Player. (I do not get ITV4 on the local 'Freeview Light/Lite' relay transmitter.)


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Thanks for that,have put it down in my old fashioned paper powered diary.I read "The Climb" over Christmas,so I ll be interested to see if this offers anything new.


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I too have jotted it in my diary. I think that Ned Boulting is great and seems to do a great job with whatever he's given. Not a huge Froome fan really, he seems a bit dull to me, but will watch anyway.
After posting my question the penny dropped about this thread being started by Sir Walter Scott's unpleasant character who I have on ignore. I unignored him to see the time of the broadcast. I was intending to leave him in view but a fews mins later I happened across the thread about the Yorkshire World Champs. That was enough to prompt me to put him back on ignore. Oh what a tangled web.
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