Chromecast Dongle for a T.V.

Anyone using one and is it any good?
I suppose its a bit late to ask as I ordered one last night off Amazon with some vouchers I blagged off British Gas.... so if its pants at least it aint cost me 'real' money but anyone got experience of one does it works as well it says?

Looking at free sites (you tube, viewster etc.....) for content but might re-activate netflix at £5.99 (used up the free months trial a few months ago...)

And a really long shot.... any one powering it using a black BT vision+ usb slot.....

I know I should asking all of the above on TV/techie forum.... but I find all other forums trollie and up-themselves after my cyber-bike buddies on here..... so.....

Any thoughts.....


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Yes I find it fine except sometimes it buffers. Some people say its possibly me who has a dodgy unit. I'll order a new unit soon. I like apple TV also.

Edit: update, I did get a new one and it also buffers. Maybe something else is wrong and not chromecast itself.
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Excellent. I use it to cast from Google Chrome for cycle racing and some footie and for Amazon Prime, Youtube and iplayer. Mine is quite close to the router and doesn't buffer but does sometimes if I put it on the other telly further away.
How do you both power it? from the mains or from a usb out on the Tele... My Tele's got HDMI but no usb so hoping an unused usb on back of vision box will power it (and that the lead supplied is long enough to reach it....)
It's a long lead and my TV has a usb port. HDMI to USB. The other doesn't and I use the mains adaptor. Only once has it managed to 'lose itself' on the network, which required unplugging it and re-booting the WIFI router, whereupon the network re-discovered it when I plugged it back in.


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I've got one, works great but does work far better from a android device than from an iphone/ipad

Mine has never had any buffering problems but I do get the occasional judder with the picture but nothing that's annoying enough to stop you watching anything, the reason for this is that the chromecast outputs in 60hz (american) but our content is in 50hz, apparently chromecast have no plans to update it, but as I said certainly doesn't stop me from watching Anything

it can be powered by either the wall plug/adapter or by usb (using the same cable) the cable is quite long so should reach from the TV to a set top box like bt or sky without a problem


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I bought one last week and am less than impressed tbh. OK, so only €35 so shouldn't expect too much I guess but it does seem work in progress; connection issues (not buffering), dropping out, hanging. Hopefully future updates will resolve but I thought it had been around long enough now for basic issues to be resolved.


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I've got one which I use almost exclusively with the PlayTo for Chromecast Chrome extension. This allows you to watch any internet video fullscreen on the telly. It's more convenient than connecting the laptop to the telly.


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Oddly, it seems more reliable from my wife's tablet than from mine. That seems weird to me. Yet to try it from a desktop/laptop.


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I have got one here that I have not even taken out of its box. I have a plethora of Now TV boxes around the house that I use with Plex instead. One day I may even get around to trying the chromecast.
It's OK. I did have issues with it during initial setup, but that was down to the free nasty router from the phone co. - could never get a connection to the wifi printer either. It's been fine with the new router. I have it plugged into an AV amplifier and use a USB socket it has built in.


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I have one installed in the bedroom where I don't have a TV aerial. I don't use it that much but it works very well for casting Netflix, Iplayer, chrome etc from my tablet or phone. I can also cast video or music from my media server of I feel the urge

If you have one, don't forget to check out the special offers, which are currently nowtv, Google music and some Google play credit (I think).
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