Cinelli Hobootleg?

Tim O

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Hello All, I've done a search (as we should) but can only find one post on this bike from November 2014. The poster was asking if anyone had one or had thoughts on it - but nobody had. As my LBS can get hold of one, and I am interested in this (or a Surly Cross Check), this is really the same question updated. As the Hobootleg has now been out for 18 months or so, I wondered if anyone has either ridden one, seen one, owns one or has a mate who does.

I am aware that there are a number of other choices in the same vein which may be just as good, but I have imposed my own limitation on either the Cinelli or the Surly as we have only two bike shops (that I respect) on the Isle of Wight. Both are incredibly helpful; one can get the Cinelli the other the Surly. From past experience, I don't want to be trying to communicate with the mainland if a problem arises. There's a fair bit of info around on the net with regard to the Surly CC but very little about the Cinelli Hobo.

Thanks in advance, Tim.
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