1. Milzy

    Cinelli Experience

    I’ve been offered this bike for £550. What do you guys think? It’s alloy but light. 11 speed 105. The praxis crank is well made I have one. Just a 200 mile around trip. Thoughts?
  2. Polocini

    FS: Cinelli vigorelli disc frameset 50cm

    As per the title. Brand new boxed frame 50cm. Geo etc HERE please don't ask me if it will fit you as sizing is a minefield! Headset, seat clamp and axles are included. I got this just a few weeks ago to build up as nice project. The blue paint is gorgeous but a pal has just offered me a...
  3. H

    Wanted: Campagnolo Crankset & Cinelli Handlebars

    If anyone has the following for sale, please get in touch - many thanks -Campagnolo crankset or at least the drive side arm. Polished 80/90s era please -Cinelli 63/63-40/42 handlebars Happy cycling
  4. Darius_Jedburgh

    Cinelli XA stem.

    100 to 110. Silver and shiny. WHY.
  5. T

    Cinelli Soft Machine, New Exotic Rigid Fork

    Selling this 19" Cinelli Soft Machine. These are quite rare and superb bikes, as I'm sure you know, Cinelli is one of Italy’s finest manufacturers of cycles and cycle parts. This example sports a full Shimano Deore 3x9 groupset, Weinmann rims, Selle Italia saddle and Brand new (just fitted 20th...
  6. H

    Zeus 'Racing Mente' Project - Cinelli Stem & Bars

    I have bought a zeus racing mente road bike, all the components have been changed over the years and I'm looking to 'restore' it to something a bit more authentic. First picture is the bike as I bought it. Want to change the bars and stem - other pictures show what I've bought. Would like...
  7. chriscross1966

    WTD: Cinelli Ram bottle cage in black

    Kind of says it all... need one to provide the finishing touch on my Bianchi.
  8. Nibor

    Cinelli Pepper "Fixie" narrow riser bars £18

    Cinelli Pepper "Fixie" bars/ Narrow risers 31.8mm clamp 53cm wide fitting marks on them but not ridden £18
  9. EltonFrog

    Cinelli or Trek or ....?

    Possible N+1 The Fragrant MrsP and I are cycling to Paris in September along the Avenue Verte and I’m considering the matter of buying a new bike for the journey and others yet to come. The Cinelli has caught my eye , about 750 quid from Spa. And I’m also rather taken by this Trek 520...
  10. SteveParry

    Cinelli quill stem

    I guess I'd be over the limit on this stem if I locked it off here? Asking because it doesn't seem very high for a stem.
  11. derrick

    Cinelli Fixie for sale

    Am selling my fixie, have not used it since i stopped comuting. It's a Cinelli Mystic rats, has upgraded Miche x press wheels cinelli Lola bars Crane Creek carbon brake levers,charge saddle. all the running gear was renewed about three months before i stopped using it, it is there for like new...
  12. C

    cinelli spinaci

    Hi Has anyone got a pair for sale? Thanks for reading COLIN
  13. woodbutcher

    Cinelli question

    I know this is going to be down to is it or is it not worth the effort but the seller of this bike (which l like the look of more than a little) is only interested in personal collection at the moment. Unfortunately l live about 900 k south of him. so my question . does anyone think the bike is...
  14. Tin Pot

    TPs Cinelli Experience Tri Conversion

    Components to turn my road bike into a tt machine...will these work? To replace the road bars: Already own these: To bring the seat forward: And wheels: Onto this: Q: Will it work?
  15. Tin Pot

    Drool: Cinelli Experience Speciale

    W-where can I buy some cheap deep section wheels, this looks...amazeballs!
  16. T

    Cinelli Hobootleg?

    Hello All, I've done a search (as we should) but can only find one post on this bike from November 2014. The poster was asking if anyone had one or had thoughts on it - but nobody had. As my LBS can get hold of one, and I am interested in this (or a Surly Cross Check), this is really the same...
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