1. Nibor

    Cinelli Pepper "Fixie" narrow riser bars £18

    Cinelli Pepper "Fixie" bars/ Narrow risers 31.8mm clamp 53cm wide fitting marks on them but not ridden £18
  2. EltonFrog

    Cinelli or Trek or ....?

    Possible N+1 The Fragrant MrsP and I are cycling to Paris in September along the Avenue Verte and I’m considering the matter of buying a new bike for the journey and others yet to come. The Cinelli has caught my eye , about 750 quid from Spa. And I’m also rather taken by this Trek 520...
  3. SteveParry

    Cinelli quill stem

    I guess I'd be over the limit on this stem if I locked it off here? Asking because it doesn't seem very high for a stem.
  4. derrick

    Cinelli Fixie for sale

    Am selling my fixie, have not used it since i stopped comuting. It's a Cinelli Mystic rats, has upgraded Miche x press wheels cinelli Lola bars Crane Creek carbon brake levers,charge saddle. all the running gear was renewed about three months before i stopped using it, it is there for like new...
  5. C

    cinelli spinaci

    Hi Has anyone got a pair for sale? Thanks for reading COLIN
  6. woodbutcher

    Cinelli question

    I know this is going to be down to is it or is it not worth the effort but the seller of this bike (which l like the look of more than a little) is only interested in personal collection at the moment. Unfortunately l live about 900 k south of him. so my question . does anyone think the bike is...
  7. Tin Pot

    TPs Cinelli Experience Tri Conversion

    Components to turn my road bike into a tt machine...will these work? To replace the road bars: Already own these: To bring the seat forward: And wheels: Onto this: Q: Will it work?
  8. Tin Pot

    Drool: Cinelli Experience Speciale

    W-where can I buy some cheap deep section wheels, this looks...amazeballs!
  9. T

    Cinelli Hobootleg?

    Hello All, I've done a search (as we should) but can only find one post on this bike from November 2014. The poster was asking if anyone had one or had thoughts on it - but nobody had. As my LBS can get hold of one, and I am interested in this (or a Surly Cross Check), this is really the same...
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