Cinelli quill stem


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20190702_182750.jpg I guess I'd be over the limit on this stem if I locked it off here? Asking because it doesn't seem very high for a stem.


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Your pics don't show how high it is but it looks plenty high from what you've posted.
Vintage quill Cinelli stems (like most classic stems) are not very long. I wouldn't set it up with more than a few mm below the min insert line showing.
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And actually the "MINIMUM INSERT@ I I I I " defined depth should be no higher than the top of the threaded steerer tube, not the top of the lock nut.
not saying you are wrong just asking.

I have a couple of old Ridgebacks with short stems - not sure why - trying to save a metal?
I've always assumed the top of the locknut was OK as the level.
Not come to grief yet - one stem was in use for 20 years.

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The top of the threaded steerer tube and the top of the lock nut will be only a couple of mm different but the interface between the (quill) stem and the steerer tube ends at the top of the steerer tube, not the top of the locknut - that's what I was trying to convey.
"I've always assumed the top of the locknut was OK as the level." I suggest that that's more practical but that the prudent fettler would ensure none of the "MINIMUM INSERT@ I I I I" marking can be seen.
Frames were bigger back then. Correct sizing meant having a fistful of seatpost showing, so no-one needed a tall stem. Then everyone started riding frames that were 2" smaller, then compact frames came in where the front end can independently be tall.
Nitto Technomic stems are the really tall ones. If you need one, it does suggest either that you like a very upright position, or your frame is a bit small.
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