CiNelli VIGORELLI STEEL TRACK FRAMESET- worth it for a cimmhter

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Edit to headline- should read commuter

long story short, got sold into too small of a bike 4 years ago, so currently ride a 55 CM Fyxation Eastside, looking to get a larger size bike 58/59 cm (I am just north of 6’). Want to stay with steel. Want to make a smart purchase, plan on having it for 5- 10 years, so can justify more money if will really be worth it.

My riding consists of 16 miles per day commute plus 20-30 mile ride on the weekend.

Do people think It would worth a couple hundred bucks to get a CiNelli VIGORELLI STEEL TRACK FRAME-SET vs another Fyxation? Will I really be able to tell the difference or is it not with the money? Not going to lie- the CiNelli looks sweet.
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