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hackbike 666 said:
Well technically on the very early morning turns or very late night turns im entitled to a taxi* although I have never used one to get me to work.

*=under old BR conditions.(Still apply)

So car drivers are entitled to petrol but im entitled to bug all?

I know car drivers at work claim for petrol allowance under same sort of conditions.

So mr c....if I don't really understand your sentence....I seem a bit thick today could you simplify? I read it time and time again but can't process.
The tax office doesn't allow you to claim mileage for your commute to your permanent place of work. So commuting to a regular office doesn't count. My official place of work is my home, so all commutes to all our offices count as business travel. If my company decided I should be office based, I would have to treat my travel to my local office as a commute, not work travel.

I have a company car, but if I use my cycle to go to the local office, I get nothing from the company, even though I am saving them money, but I could claim the allowance on my tax return at 20p per mile to offset my tax liability (well, offset it a tiny amount anyway!)

I think if you do 100 miles a week business travel on a bicycle, and don't get any payment from your employer (so claim the full 20p per mile from the tax office) you would get around £4 a week if you pay basic tax, and £8 on the higher rate.


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automatic_jon said:
This seems to be the NHS standard rate, certainly it's what employed members of staff on one of my sites get if they claim for a call out. Although if I were called out in the night for an emergency patient I don't think I'd be cycling.
When my middle child was about 8 months old the doctor arrived to do an call at home by bike which resulted in her being admitted to hospital. At the time I can remember my surprise.
Downward said:
Most trusts are 10p. I have never claimed but even between hospitals they put on a mini bus so we can cycle but can't claim which sucks
In that context my 6.2p as a student doesn't sound too bad I suppose.


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I thought you didn't get taxed until it hit 20p?


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I get 20p per mile, but one must factor in the important bit that I am also getting paid whilst I am cycling. If one gets paid ten pounds per hour, and averages ten miles per hour, then that equates to a pound per mile in my book - much better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.


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User said:
You shouldn't be taxed on it. If you have been then you can claim the tax back.

As summerdays says, you should be taxed unless the allowance is over 20p per mile - and even then HMRC may not bother.... :blush:

good point, I am thinking of expenses for car usage.


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We get nothing except for the fact that i can be out of the car park quicker than most folk in their cars even after getting changed etc.

1500 people all trying to get onto a busy roundabout and i can nip across the cycle lane onto the cycle path running alongside the work exit .

priceless to see the look on their faces :blush:
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