Clapton didn't quite join The Beatles, but should McCartney and Starr join Cream?


There was a time in the 'White Album' sessions when George had had enough and buggered off for a bit, during which time the other 3 Beatles considered getting Clapton in to finish off the record. Of course, George came back and aside from 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' Clapton isn't on any other Beatles track officially, although he is the only person to have played guitar on a Beatles album, a Lennon album, a McCartney album, a Harrison album and a Starr album.

So he obviously gets on with them.

With the sad deaths of Lennon, Harrison, Bruce and Baker, it strikes me that if they are going to work together, time is of the essence - I know Clapton isn't in the best of health, although frankly I think I'd have died in the early 70s if I'd consumed half of what he is alleged to, so everything is relative.

Anyway - there are three of them left - a drummer, a bassist and a guitarist. That's enough for a Cream-sized band made mostly of Beatles. I think they should definitely do it - surely the only question is what to call themselves?

Do you reckon a Beam / Creatles album would be a self indulgent pile of rambling, totally forgettable, or surprisingly good?


Quite dreadful
lost somewhere
Useless Rock Fact Alert:
George Harrison played guitar on Badge......and jolly good he was too.




I liked George Harrison . He risked a lot in funding a Month Python film .

Well he did always look on the bright side of life


Flouncing Nobber
I'd be up for it. McCartney is a decent bassist, and reads, understands and simply digs how music works. Back in the day Ringo's playing was viewed with indifference by many, but as time has gone by and a multitude of drummers have come and gone to provide their contrast, Starkey was shown to actually have a surprisingly innovative and sensitive technique of his own.

Now, whether it would truly work without the fire between Baker and Bruce is open to question, but as a student of rock I'd be well up to hearing them try. If nothing else it's all but guaranteed to be a massive commercial success.


Eh up
Talking about old rockers, last night on HIGNFY, they mentioned that the worlds oldest Tortoise had died at the age of 344, they said it had outlived numerous changes of presidents and royalty plus one Rolling Stone, :smile:


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I'm giving away my ancientness when l tell you l was on the entertainments committee of Loughborough school of Art in about 1964/65 . We had the use of the double gym (with an open stage between the two ) at the then College of Physical Ed.
Among many others we would book The Graham Bond Organisation with Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker and Dick Heckstall-Smith . all for basically beer money.....happy days ^_^
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