Cleaning Shower Glass


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I need help! Our shower cabinet glass builds up a slightly grey deposit on the inside which is extraordinarily difficult to shift properly. The glass is washed after every shower.

Our water hardness is 8.9

I've tried no end of proprietary products none of which make an real impact. I've tried rubbing with a cut lemon, vinegar, bicarb and vinegar mixed to give a mild abbrasive. Nothing works. I was seriously contemplating trying degreaser today.

Anyone got the magic bullet for this?


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Cillit bang


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Nothing works if the glass is a few years old, so fit new like I did then use Rainx on it. Glass polishing was part of my business, so I have a little experience. We also are in a hard water area and a big mistake I made was not fitting a softener when I built this house.


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Hmm, not sure what else would work, but white vinegar does the trick in my bathroom. We do have very hard water around here.
Yep. White vinegar. It can be mixed with warm water and detergent or used raw
Aldi have a special on at the moment. White vinegar in a spray bottle £0.79. I assume its as good as the bottles you buy.


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Viakal isn't an own-brand thing. I got some in Morrisons, but most supermarkets sell it. It's good for getting limescale off taps too. DAMHIKT.
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