Cleat coloured part failure


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Hi all,

One of the red parts, a rear one, has fallen off. Will this affect use? I've never used clipless. These are new for me. The seller has refunded but wondered if I can still use them safely.

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I think the red bits are just for walking on. Shouldn't effect the usage. I might be wrong.


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If they're like Keos the red bit is for walking.

Did you gease those bolts then do them up "feck-off" tight?

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None. I have the same thing happen with mine, except they're yellow. The thing to look for is the thickness of the plastic on the clip in part, because the last thing you want to happen is a snap during a furious spin. People have been known to encounter face-ache.

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Cleat covers are available for spd-sl,if you walk a bit on them,To say the red give 0 degrees of float is a bit misleading,certainly still got a bit of movement,compared to others.
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