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I recently changed my cleats over, i thought i got the position to the same as before.
Obvioulsy not as i'm getting some pain in my left knee. Tried moving the cleat around several times to different positions, a little bit of help but not much.

Does anyone know of any deffinative position causes pain in a certain area of the knee? as my pain seems to be moving around from the upper to the lower.
I found this BR guide quite good & difinitive gaz, its got a useful series of diagrams half way down the page, which literally tells you that pain in 'x' position can be solved by moving the cleat 'y'.


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you need to get your feet in a very natural position - sit on a high chair and let your legs dangle - take note of your foot position.

My toes point slightly outwards so I allow for this when setting my cleats


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I'm sure having set your cleats up previously you know all this but the Park site shows a couple of ways for getting new cleats onto old shoes.
What have you done? Transferred cleats to new shoes or replaced worn out cleats?
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