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Hello all ...

As you may know i bought some new road shoes of wiggle not so long ago, that didnt fit the pedals i had.... So i decided i wanted some proper clipless road pedals, so i went and bought some pedals of Ebay...

Now I'm wondering what positions people have their cleats on their shoes & i have to adjust the spring tension of the binding on the pedals & wondering how people have it?... or is it something I'm just gonna have to work out whats best for me? A rough idea might help to get me started :laugh:

Also how are the cleats suppose to look at the bottom, mine look like i wont be able to walk in them ;)

I bought the Shimano Ultegra PD-6700 pedals

Thanks All

Dr Jon

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I would suggest loosening the tension slightly if this is your first time with clipless. As for cleat position, I suggest perching you bum on a desk and letting you feet hang naturally, then trace this onto paper, this gives you a rough idea for angles. As for cleat position in the vertical axis, you need to line it up with the balls of your feet.

Once done, try practising while leaning against a wall to avoid the embarrasing moment clipless pedals bring. You will soon get used to the action of clipping in and out.

Hope that has helped you Cat.


Rough starting guide;- sit on a table let your legs hang down relax and see which way your feet point naturally point in or out and set the cleats accordingly. set fore or aft to get the ball of the foot above the spindle. Then set pedal to fore 90 degrees drop a plumbline from the bony bit just below you knee it should pass the centre of the spindle if you have your saddle set in the right position fore and aft. In front of the spindle OK behind it not good. Hope this helps.
sorry doc john got there first.
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