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I've got some DHB mountain bike shoes which clip into Shimano DX M647s. Had them for a few years but now my left cleat is un-clipping occasionally when the foot is on the rise. I'm not twisting out, but it just feels looser than they used to. Anything I can do to get it back to normal or do I just need to buy new gear? And if so, what needs replacing? The cleats?
Check your cleat bolts and pedal tension setting. After a couple of years though sounds as though the cleats need replacing.


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Bought some shimano clipless pedals and will never look back!


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So the transition from flat to drop bars has gone relatively smoothly so now I have indeed decided to switch over to clipless pedals. A friend has loaned me a pair of new Sidi Eagle MTB shoes that were an unwanted gift and if I get on with them, he said I can have them for a decent price.


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Fitted my cleats and tried it out today for the first time, I have the Shimano A530 , nice dual peddle , I found it ok to use , the small Allen nut I loosened so they are easier to disconnect.
Had good ride today using them other than torrential rain.


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Just a warning - I got a new bike last week and had new pedals fitted (Shimano PDR550) and went for my first proper ride yesterday. I've been clipless for about 3 years now but yesterday I had my first clipless moment for about 2 years because when the pedals were fitted they were on the medium tension setting. I didn't even think to check that and when I went to stop for the first time I just couldn't get my foot out and went crashing to the ground. Fortunately I wasn't at a busy junction, I was just at the roadside stopping to talk to a friend but I now have a number of nasty bruises down my legs and a cut hand. Worse than that is that my brand new shiny bike remained shiny for the grand total of ten minutes :angry:. It now has scratches on the hoods, the saddle and various other points down the left hand side :sad:. That said I am over the moon with it and once the tension on the pedal had been adjusted on the to the loosest setting I had an amazing bike ride and am chuffed to bits with my new bike (even if it is as bruised as me).


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Not really an FAQ but something I've noticed as a bit of a beginner (first clipless ride July).

Now when I ride a "normal" bike / pedals my brain is telling me to unclip as I slow at junctions etc... and I have to stop my leg twisting outwards. It's an unnerving feeling in many ways...


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Normal. Muscle memory. I do the same! Just looks silly to a following ride buddy :biggrin:


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Not really an FAQ but something I've noticed as a bit of a beginner (first clipless ride July).

Now when I ride a "normal" bike / pedals my brain is telling me to unclip as I slow at junctions etc... and I have to stop my leg twisting outwards. It's an unnerving feeling in many ways...
Hah yep I do that too. It’s similar to when I’m driving an automatic but I’m too used to a manual. Keep stomping the footwell!


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thanks for this.

I've posted a separate thread on SPD-SLs but this seems more logical.

I've used SPDs for years with not a single problem, but i switched to SPD SLs last week, and it's fair to say we're not getting on!

I've got the tension turned down to the lowest setting, and my shoes feel like their floating round a dancefloor. My feet move so much the inside of the heel occasionally clips my crank!! Unclipping is turning out to be a nightmare. Not had a clipless moment yet, but i've not been on a ride where i need to unclip very often.

The advise was to press the heel down and rotate at the top of the stroke, but i can't get that to work. I literally have to twist but also force them out on the botttom of the stroke.

I know i need to give them some time, but if there's no improvment they're going on ebay, and i'll put my touring SPDs back on.
I am in the same boat as you! I practiced clipping/unclipping on my turbo and couldn’t unclip without a 2 stage action of twisting and then lifting the toe out. However after a bit of practice I found that if I tilted my toes forward slightly I could unclip in one motion. Plus the clips seemed to loosen a little with repeated action. Hope that helps
Being a newbie I thought the clipless pedals would be a nightmare but I have to say I’m starting to get used to them. I find preparing for a junction is the easy bit but my dread is finding a steep uphill climb that eventually becomes too much and you grind to a halt or finding yourself flailing in the wrong gear.

I know it’s going to happen sometime soon...
Careful ... Looking back is a good idea before making a manoeuvre ;)
My only spd fall off was due to looking back - I was doing a 7 mile commute (this day I clocked it at 23 miles haha) and taking a new route got lost - getting very stressed I stopped to look at a road sign meant for traffic travelling the other way.... I looked back and came to a standstill to read it (without unclipping doh) cue slow motion drop and the mandatory looking around to see if anyone saw (they didn't so don't know why I'm admitting this).

Anyway, I use normal spd type and can't see any reason to use spd-sl type or such.. But frankly nowadays I feel unsafe on a bike without being "clipped in" it feels like my feet are slipping off and I'm going to fall off or veer into traffic or such.... I'm new error going back and feel going clip less has made more difference than any upgrade or change or indeed using different types of bike.. I recommend everyone tries them, you'll probably love them..


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My cycling buddy had a clipless moment today during a Sportive... Pulling out of a rest stop at a popular local cafe in front of perhaps 20-30 cyclists and *crash* :laugh: He was fine, managed to knock his brifter over slightly but nothing a counter-knock couldn't remedy. I of course asked if he was ok whilst sprawled on the floor and he replied only his pride was hurting :laugh::laugh: I must confess, my very first thought was "I'm super glad that wasn't me... This time." :blush:


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Having just picked up a shiny new bike, complete with clipless pedals, my first time using clipless. I haven’t dared use them outside yet, practicing in the house I’m having so much trouble getting my shoes clipped in. Clipping out doesn’t appear to be that hard, I’ll no doubt change my mind on this when I have my first clipless moment! I’m so pleased I went for double sided pedals so I can still use the bike outside until I get the hang of this.
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