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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Kestevan, 5 Apr 2011.

  1. Johnno260

    Johnno260 Über Member

    East Sussex
    Ah if only I could blame the lump of metal, nothing beats the utter panic as you try to lift your foot off and it's not coming off, and you pull harder, then the oh crap moment hits you just before the tarmac.

    Happy times
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  2. razabbs

    razabbs Regular

    Can i just confirm with someone ever so more experienced than I regarding clipless pedals :tongue:
    Last week i bought some Exustar E-PR15 Pedals-click- (which came with cleats). I'd planned on coupling them with these cleats ( and then to these shoes..

    The cleats that came with the pedals look almost identical to the ones I've linked, fittings look the same, and I just wanted to confirm that these pedals, cleats shoes will all work together. I'm aware I could get shoes for cheaper 2nd hand, but for £40 I'm happy to buy these, and maybe upgrade them in the future. :smile: Also, I don't plan on walking anywhere in shoes so no need for recessed cleats etc. etc.

    thanks :smile:
  3. Cycleops

    Cycleops Guru

    Accra, Ghana
    I have those shoes @razabbs they're fine if a bit cheap and cheerful. Why do you need a different type of cleat when your pedals come with cleats? I used Shimano cleats and pedals. The cleats you linked look different to mine. If in doubt ask Wiggle.
  4. razabbs

    razabbs Regular

    Cheap and cheerful is exactly what I'm after at the moment :tongue: I should've mentioend that I'll no longer be purchasing the cleats as long as the ones that arrived with pedals are suitable :tongue: Ask Wiggle sounds a good, simple solution, will do :tongue:
  5. DaveGM

    DaveGM Well-Known Member

    More difficult unclipping one side than the other!

    I have just changed from SPD mountain bike pedals to Boardman version of the SPD SL road pedals on my Boardman road bike.

    Halfords installed the pedals and I bought some new road shoes and installed the cleats.

    I was anticipating that clipping in and out may be a bit more difficult with the road pedals but so far I have only been out on one ride, and accept there will be a period of getting adjusted.

    The problem seems to be that I naturally want to put my left foot down first but this seem to be a lot more difficult to release than the right foot. I seem to have to use more effort and twist it further to release. The pedals are set on the lowest tension so the only other variables are the installation of the cleats or the strength of my ankles!

    Any thought on how to resolve this would be appreciated.

    Otherwise I think at this early stage I like riding with the road pedals and shoes, feeling better connected to the bike - unless its all in my imagination!
  6. MontyVeda

    MontyVeda a short-tempered ill-controlled small-minded troll

    Flat pedals. :okay:
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  7. BJS

    BJS Active Member

    It sounds llike DaveGM
    has a better Halfords than round here .I went in our local branch today to by some clipless pedals on asking the numpty in the shop if they had any he proceded to try to sell me some flats well they havnt got clips on he said
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  8. winrims

    winrims New Member

    a safe bet its SPD.. shimano... i run TIME espresso 12 with a Giro tri shoe.. i like them but not as much float as a shimano or speedplay setup.. oh and they squeek ;(
  9. Uppy89

    Uppy89 Well-Known Member

    Probably a silly question but I am looking to go clipless for the first time and want to make sure I am not wasting money!

    I currently have Boardman Hybrid Team pedals which are SPD ( and want to use the Shimano SH56 cleats as they seem a good option for someone venturing into clipless pedals for the first time.

    Would I have to change pedals or is it a simple case of buying the SH56 cleats and some shoes? TIA
  10. Gez73

    Gez73 Über Member

    Those pedals will work with the cleats you mentioned but I suspect you will need to source the cleats separately. The pedals themselves don't have brilliant reviews. I used and still use Shimano M780 pedals. Single sided but with a larger platform and a sturdy axel. You could get better pedals than the linked ones cheaper. I have a spare pair of the M780 pedals in the shed you could try just to see how you get on. Google them and see what you think. Very much a trek or commute pedal but have lasted me ages. Shop around if my pedals don't suit. Those you have linked seem a little flimsy, but I have never used them to be fair. Gez
  11. Jody

    Jody Gold member

    @Uppy89 You can pick Shimano M530 (hybrid/platform) and M520 (normal) up for £20 at the moment.
  12. jahlive905

    jahlive905 Active Member

    I've got some DHB mountain bike shoes which clip into Shimano DX M647s. Had them for a few years but now my left cleat is un-clipping occasionally when the foot is on the rise. I'm not twisting out, but it just feels looser than they used to. Anything I can do to get it back to normal or do I just need to buy new gear? And if so, what needs replacing? The cleats?
  13. Jody

    Jody Gold member

    Have you added more tension on the pedal? Takes quite a lot to wear cleats and usually you have to opposite happen where disengaging is difficult
  14. 3narf

    3narf For whom the bell dings

    I had a near-death experience in the early days on SPDs.

    I could relate it but it still makes my cringe, and I think I might already have posted it in this thread, or another one on this forum...
  15. PRD76

    PRD76 Regular

    You can't go wrong with the superb Shimano M530 pedal. Would def recommend SPD (2 bolt) over SPD-L (3 bolt) initially. I just could not get on with SPD-L no matter how hard I tried and wanted to. Then i discovered SPD coupled with an excellent Shimano RT82 shoe with 56 cleats (56 or 58 are both incredibly easy to use) and haven't looked back since. No one would ever know the difference, I enjoy using them and can walk in them to boot. Don't listen to the snobs - experiment and go with what feels right. Enjoyment comes first...
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