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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Kestevan, 5 Apr 2011.

  1. simongt

    simongt Über Member

    Sounds more like the tension is set too high / tight. When I was persuaded to go clipless with Shimano M515s, the LBS manny loosened the tension off to a minimal setting ' 'til I got used to them '. I've never tightened them since, as the particular setting works for me insofar that on the odd ocasion I've involuntarily come off my bike,:whistle: the spds have always unclipped without any concious effort from me. But in everyday cycling, they hold in place just fine for me.
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  2. Tiny01

    Tiny01 Darren on Bkool

    Today I took the plunge & purchased these , been propping myself up against the conservatory & practising clipping in & out , mrs thinks I've lost the plot though !

    Can't wait to get out on the bike with them , only been riding 6 weeks but love it !

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  3. J1888

    J1888 Über Member

    I've got the basic shimano 2 sided spds on my hybrid and they're set to the lowest and seem fine - just not sure about these Boardman ones
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  4. Stevec047

    Stevec047 Über Member

    Chelmsford Essex
    Loosen the tension to the minimum setting small allen key to the front of the pedal. Over time and use they will naturally loosen and you may need to up the tension.

    Alternatively you can purchase different cleats that give more float and easier unclipping action.
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  5. JohnHughes307

    JohnHughes307 Active Member

    Potters Bar
    First time out with cleats today! I've only been riding again for a month or so (on a Giant Escape 2 Hybrid) so I'm just starting to notice a difference in fitness (starting from a *very* low level!).

    I bought some Lifeline Essential Hybrid Touring pedals (£14.99! serious bargain methinks) and some of Aldi's finest MTB shoes (Reduced to £12.99) and gave it a go...

    Positive - I felt climbing was maybe two gears easier. My Escape has a 28/38/48 triple and 11-32 cassette, so I was still in Granny mode, but it felt easier!
    Negative - I unclipped my left foot approaching a roundabout, a car was hiding behind a bus so I had to stop, and the bike started to fall right :-0! Luckily I had loosened the springs all the way and my right foot came loose just in time! More practice needed!
    Neutral - Feel on the bike. Quite like "connected" feel but there is a tad too much movement. I may have to tighten the springs, but not until I've had more practice!
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  6. Stevec047

    Stevec047 Über Member

    Chelmsford Essex
    Practice practice and more practice after your 3rd/4th ride you will as long as you read the road ahead find unclipping becomes second nature.

    Don't tighten the tension just yet get used to clipping in and out and then when you feel more confident and your feet and legs have beded in with the cleats and shoes tighten them one click at a time until your happy with the tension and movement.
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  7. Felix79

    Felix79 Well-Known Member

    Oxford, England
    I used my cleats for the very first time out on my bike. I only do short rides atm as I only got my bike last Thursday and I am very weak due to being pretty much laid up for 9 years due to a series of spinal injuries.

    Well, I realised how nice it is to have them on (I use SPD-SL's) and it helped me be more comfortable. I was able to clip in pretty quickly thanks to following the advice on this thread, by practicing yesterday when I installed them onto my bike after going out on the bike. I unclipped perfectly as I came to a stop. I got my left foot out and then as I tried to get my leg over the saddle, I slipped on the nasty road surface that Oxford City Council use (they use those bloody stone chippings and the road was billiard table smooth before they ruined it by putting down that crap, even when it didn't need doing) because my cleat was loose and I slipped on the surface and tumbled down scuffing my knee. I thanked god no one saw and feel rather proud about a scuffed knee!
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  8. rivers

    rivers Senior Member

    My clipless pedals and shoes have just arrived. I went for the Shimano M-324s (£26.99 from Evans) and Specialised BG Tahoe MTB shoes (marked down to £28.99). I went for the combo pedal because I quite often cycle to my dive club, have a beer or 2, and then cycle home. I'd prefer to do that in my normal trainers. Went for a couple of spins around the local park and some of the quieter roads. Seemed okay, and no clipless moments. I find it a bit tough to clip back in, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. Unfortunately, due to my work schedule this week (14 hour days Wednesday through Saturday), I can't properly try them out until Sunday when I only need to work 4 hours, so I'll be attempting the commute.
  9. eggman

    eggman Regular

    Hi. I am a newbie - so please excuse if I am stating the obvious(as I understand It) I thought Look introduced the clipless pedal to bikes, as they were once a ski manufacturer. I swapped mine out on my KG386 to standard pedals(an age thing) and took it to Halfords(i know:smile: to do so. The bike caused a stir amongst all the young staff who drooled over it one by one. They gave it a free mini service just to hang onto it in the store as long as possible. It was about then i realised what a stunning bike i had gotten hold of. At that point it had never been on the road. Thanks for reading this and hope i have not gone off topic.
  10. lutonloony

    lutonloony Über Member

    Finally found my new cleats that came with my shimanom520s. Fitted them last night and reduced tension, as they were becoming a real pain to unclip Absolute piece of P to use now, might even tweak the tension up a gnats, but probably leave as is, due to mostly commuting
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  11. Goggs

    Goggs Veteran

    I have a pair of 520's that I bought in 2010 & I can't fault them. I'm curious as to what the difference is between these and something like XT or XTR. I expect the more expensive pedals will probably be lighter but is there any other benefit to be had?
  12. raleighnut

    raleighnut Guru

    On 3 Wheels
    M520s or A520s ?
  13. Goggs

    Goggs Veteran

    Sorry, M's I think.
  14. Old Steve

    Old Steve Active Member

    I recently purchased some shimano single sided SPD pedals for my Trek FX and have got on really well with them no problems clipping in or out and certainly make for a more connected ride.... So in readiness for the arrival of my new Orro Piro road bike ( just under four weeks and counting) I purchased some Look Keo 2 max speed SPD-SL pedals, and thought I would stick them on my trek so as I get used to them before fitting them to the road bike.. Uncliping doesn't seem to be a problem .. And clipping in to one shoe when stationary is not a problem it,s just clipping in that second shoe when I am moving that can be a problem. Nice connected feeling when riding though..... Patience needed I think.
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  15. Nicelinice

    Nicelinice Member

    This helped a lot, thanks again!
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