Close Call Database. Tracking the bad drivers.


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Members are encouraged to submit incident reports to help build cases against aggressive drivers
"Almost every bike rider has experienced it: A hostile driver cuts you off, buzzes by within inches, or yells obscenities as you pedal. The experience is more than frightening—it’s potentially life-threatening. Unfortunately, cyclists have had little recourse. Until now. Ernest Ezis of Boulder, CO, was tired of hearing about riders being harassed by motorists with no way to warn their peers of repeatedly dangerous drivers. His solution? He created the Close Call Database, a website where cyclists can identify and track aggressive motorists.

The concept is simple. Cyclists involved in an episode of car-on-bike ire can report the encounter on the site. As reports accrue, patterns of serial aggressive driving should become evident. If one of those drivers is ever involved in an incident with a cyclist, the compiled information could help to build a legal case against him or her. Ezis also hopes that police will use the information to confront hostile drivers and encourage them to change their habits before an accident occurs.

The Close Call Database currently deals only with intentionally aggressive incidents and Ezis asks that users do not report instances of carelessness, ignorance, or genuine mistakes. The site asks that cyclists who experience an aggressive-driving episode provide some specifics: location, time, license-plate number, car details, and how dangerous they perceived the threat to be.

Once a report is filed, the site alerts every member within a 60-mile radius. To register you cancreate a new account or sign in with Strava."


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Shouldn't this be in Commuting?


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TBH I'd want just as much effort spent in dealing with the incompetent drivers, not just the overtly aggressive ones.

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Problem I have is that I'm not focussed on number plates at all. Close pass = "wow, that was close, I'm glad I'm alive and now I feel more than alive, in fact I feel great...if not slightly concerned about the general well being of everyone, including that c*ck of a driver, becuase if they pay that little attention to what's in front of them then f*ck know's what's next for them..." In other words, it's a general ramble while I try to pacify my anger, so thinking about number plates is not number one on the list. I also have a very poor short term memory and can't afford a go-pro. Nice idea for others though.


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^^ this.
If it's a lorry* I usually register the company name, but that's all. Reporting the number plate is probably only possible for the head-cam warriors...

*to be fair, most of the lorries that I encounter around my neck of the woods are very well behaved, and the close passes that I do get are more due to impatience (or obliviousness) than deliberate aggression.


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The database is in Boulder, Colorado, so good luck with the UK reports everyone.
Doesn't stop it being discussed as an idea, does it?

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"... deals only with intentionally aggressive incidents and Ezis asks that users do not report instances of carelessness, ignorance, or genuine mistakes."

My guess is that there are very few really unpleasant nutters out there. Certainly from my experience I have had 99 of the latter for each one of the former
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