Clothes moth!


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A concurrent thread about mating moths prompts me to ask if anyone has any patent solutions to this problem?

I recently lost two mighty fine woolen jumpers to their malign munching and now we know we have then we see them all the time.

I've got the pheromone traps, sachets for the drawers and hanging thingies for the wardrobes and have cycled most woolies through he freezer and dry-cleaned woollen coats.

Does the panel have any further suggestions?


It's not easy once they take up home. You're doing most things already regular vacuuming helps and finding the out of way placers they like to hide. Flee spray along gaps in skirting boards we also used the sticky fly traps you stick on the window. It was a slow and steady battle but we got on top of them and now not a problem.


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Aren't they supposed to dislike Cedar wood?
Time to dig out that aftershave from pound land you got at Christmas.
I believe you can buy pheromone traps which should get rid of the moths.
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