Co-op Group launches online food delivery service using e-bikes

Dave 123

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Well that's a good idea! I hope it works out for them.


Obviously an Aubergine
When I started my local food business I did have hopes of all the veg deliveries being done by bike.
Might be a good part-time job for a keen cyclist.

Sadly, time, costs, and Devon hills maybe, meant it didn't happen.

With the advent of ebikes it might be time to revisit the idea.

Of course all these ebikes have an embodied energy, to payback too.

Constantly caught up in a web of indecision as to the 'right' thing to do :sad:


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The Co-Op's own label beer is pretty good, brewed by Robinson's of Stockport and £1.60 a bottle, almost as cheap as the weekly £1 specials at Booths.

Pale Rider

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IWith battery technology improving all the time
Battery progress is glacial.

My first Bosch ebike had a 400wh battery, first produced in 2010.

Fast forward nearly 10 years, my latest Bosch ebike has a 500wh battery, but the pack itself is slightly bigger.

A tiny amount of improvement in energy density in a decade, same voltage, same chemistry, and the packs still wear out after a few hundred charges.

Batteries remain the weak point of ebikes.

The delivery service could work in an urban setting for short journeys, but service providers may still have to recharge during day or use spare batteries, all of which eats into efficiency and profits.
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