1. Dave7

    Freezing food that says "not suitable for freezing".

    I think I know the answer but........ I buy Aldi chicken curries and freeze them (as per instructions). A few weeks ago I noticed a new/different type so bought one and froze it. Yesterday, when checking, I read (tiny print)....."not suitable for freezing". Can I assume that is more like advice...
  2. Shack

    Food flask recommendations

    Afternoon all, it's that of year (cold, wet and Christmas) I have an Aldi food flask (it's kind of ok) but I was wondered if there is an upgrade worth having. I see the thermos are pricey compared to my current model and reviews seem hit and miss. Anyone have something they wouldn't be without...
  3. A

    Taking the flexitarian road?

    Did not realise the word existed but I realised I am becoming one. More plant based than meat. Still love my steaks and fry-ups. Not into raging ethics or philosophy but for health and environmental reasons. Discovering lentils some time back helped with the re-direct. The price of plant based...
  4. Landsurfer

    Charity Food Parcels

    My daughter is on a low income and lives in supported / secure housing ... It’s a nice 3 bed semi but she has someone visit her 2 -3 times a week. She was told she was eligible for a weekly food parcel, which she was thankful for and has been a help .... Until this week ....... She’s not...
  5. PeteXXX

    How do I stop my microwave smelling of Sweet & Sour ping food?

    ^As above ^ The two obvious methods are: Don't eat ping food. Heat up a curry. 🤔
  6. gbb

    Fast food, becoming a ripoff ?

    Into town early yesterday, to hopefully miss the crowds, fancied a snack mid morning, popped into MacDonalds for a sausage bacon and egg McMuffin and a couple of hash browns. Tea later that day cooked a 12oz sirloin (cut in half, enough for both of us), 2 packs of stir fry, some egg noodles and...
  7. clid61

    Independant Food chains , Restaurants

    Our local restarant , Old Cross Tapas in Ashton , opened up last week for takeaway collections . Mandy has been making food for homeless whilst closed. Glad she's back and the takeaway was gorgeous . Support your local restaurant people , sod MD BJ nandos etc
  8. Brandane

    Would you queue for McDonalds?

    BBC link. I am really beginning to worry about the human race, in particular residents of Britain. Huge queues to get to a McD's drive-thru? Get a grip, you lazy, stupid, sad, selfish nobbers!
  9. IaninSheffield

    3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal ... cookies?

    Dropped on this recipe the other day and was struck by how good a source of energy they might be for a quick cycling snack: View: But don't think 'cookie' as in crumbly or biscuity. These are more akin to those chewy, fruity bars ... but with oats. Really easy to...
  10. PeteXXX

    Food miles

    How far he's your food travelled? I've just eaten the last of my pack of dates. They were grown in Chile, packed in Turkey and sold in Northampton UK. That's an (approximate) minimum distance of 10,000 air miles, an unknown number of road miles, plus a 3 mile walk to the Favel Tesco, and back.
  11. BurningLegs

    App for keeping a food journal

    Can anyone suggest a good app for keeping a food journal on iOS? I'd really like to be able to log a weight/quantity of each ingredient and have it add the totals up for me. e.g 40g of oats, 15g sultanas, 1 slice of brown bread, etc I'd also like to be able to see how many Kcals and nutrients...
  12. Nick Saddlesore

    England : London Sunday London Ride for Food June 30th - Essex POSTPONED

    A relaxed Ride for Food through some pretty villages to the best cafe in Essex (unlicenced, BYO). 70km, one bit of gravel, one short hill. Return options are 16k to Sawbridgeworth or 35k to Shenfield. Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as soon as the...
  13. I

    Century on Saturday - and food

    Afternoon all:okay: I`m heading out on Saturday for a century (imperial), first one in a few years which I`m sure is going to bloody hurt! Whenever I`ve done rides of this distance in the past I`ve always taken the usual food with me - flapjacks, fig rolls, sweets etc etc etc, not a problem...
  14. rb58

    England : London Sunday London Ride: Ghost Signs Chapter 2: 5 May CANCELLED

    This is a follow on to the ghost sign tour we did in 2015 which mainly toured some of the better ghost signs south of the river. This time, we head north - scary for some, comforting like a well worn saddle for others. But well worth it for some excellent pieces of history. Subject to final...
  15. tom73

    Co-op Group launches online food delivery service using e-bikes Another co-op 1st only a small roll out at the beginning. But worth a try only time will tell worth a try if nothing else.
  16. johnnyb47

    Weird food tastes.

    Hi. Weird food tastes must afflict us all :-) :-). Some of mine may seem weird to some ,but not to other ,so here goes. My favourites are Digestive biscuits with Stilton Cheese, Branston pickle on toast , and marmite in a jacket potatoes.. Do you have any strange food combos you can unashamedly...
  17. Pro Tour Punditry

    Changing tastes in food

    I remember years ago hearing that your tastes change and that food you dislike can become something you like. I'd always thought that was a right load of old bollox, but realised tonight that I was eating food I would not have not too many years ago. That is all.
  18. Richard A Thackeray

    Food In York

    Open Question #1 Does anyone know of a good Indian restaurant, reasonably near to 'The Barbican', in York? Thanks in advance
  19. Nick Saddlesore

    England : London Sunday London Ride for Food: 18 November

    Social pace, a bit faster than the themed rides. Out through suburban greenery to St Albans, then round to lunch at Potters Bar. About 40 miles, couple of spikes but otherwise rolling, with some gentle greenway. Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as...
  20. GmanUK65

    Camping food recipes

    I don't know if this has been done before or in the correct forum but here goes. There is no doubt that when touring there is bound to be a time that I would have no option but to wild camp. I wouldn't really want to build a campfire but I would have to eat so a camping stove would be a better...
  21. rb58

    England : London Sunday London Ride for Food: 7 October

    Faster paced than the themed Sunday London Rides, with Rochester as our destination. That would make it a ride of around 40 miles. Leave HPC at 09.45am as normal, aiming to arrive between 1 and 1.30pm. Some could ride back, some could get the train. Hands up if you're interested. Biblical...
  22. P

    Pseud Food

    I'll start the bidding with today's lunchtime delight at the City Barge @Strand on the Green, nr Kew. I give you the Crabacado Burger! Brioche bun with whole softshell crab, sliced avocado, lettuce and fishy mayo.
  23. biggs682

    Food weaknesses

    I could quite happily eat a whole 500gr packet of raisins at any one time Does anybody else have these food related weaknesses ?
  24. dantheman

    Dehydrating food?

    So some people like gels when riding, some like flapjacks, some just stop and buy a sandwich etc... Does anybody dehydrate food? I have a cheap little food dehydrator I use mainly (rarely) to make beef Jerky (as the shop bought stuff is so expensive and tastes crap tbh) - and I find...
  25. Nick Saddlesore

    England : London Sunday London Ride for Food + TofB- September 9th

    Ross is unavailable, so I'm offering a jaunt North - Along the wonderful/hated Enfield cycleway and the Lee Valley to late breakfast by the river in Broxbourne (35k). Loop round the Lee Valley Park, then back along the towpath to Stratford for liquid refreshment (70k). EDIT: And then on to watch...
  26. rb58

    England : London Sunday London Ride for Food - 5 August

    We used to do these slightly longer rides for food. I thought it might be nice to resurrect them. So, anyone interested in doing something on Sunday 3rd August? My proposal would be to take a scenic route down to the Olympic Mountain Bike venue at Hadleigh in Essex, which has a cafe and plenty...
  27. rb58

    England : London Sunday London Ride For Food POSTPONED

    We used to do these slightly longer rides for food. I thought it might be nice to resurrect them. So, anyone interested in doing something on Sunday 15th July? My proposal would be to take a scenic route down to the Olympic Mountain Bike venue at Hadleigh in Essex, which has a cafe and...
  28. P

    Food Porn - only things you have cooked yourself!

    Smashed avocado on sourdough (Booths' 1946), 64deg sous vide egg and crispy bacon. Prepared for 9 on Uni reunion weekend.
  29. gaijintendo

    Food and Drink Pairings

    @Tenacious Sloth mentioned onver in mundane about "Chinon Blanc and Cadbury’s Whole Nut chocolate" being a good pairing. It got me thinking about my discovery of White Toffee Bonbons and Budweiser Budvar, but probably other similar Bavarian beers. In Russia, whilst hitchhiking, the children of...
  30. grellboy

    Stuffing face now, 70 mile ride tomorrow. Food?

    Soon to be reaping rewards for romantic Strava Art (see earlier post) and by end of night will probably gave eaten two lots of camembert, steak etc and some sort of chocolate desert, washed down with two bottles of wine. So in the morning, would you just do the normal thing - porridge rtf and...
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