England : London Sunday London Ride for Food June 30th - Essex POSTPONED

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Nick Saddlesore

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A relaxed Ride for Food through some pretty villages to the best cafe in Essex (unlicenced, BYO). 70km, one bit of gravel, one short hill. Return options are 16k to Sawbridgeworth or 35k to Shenfield.

Meet at Hyde Park Corner (by the Royal Artillery Memorial) at 9.30am, leaving as soon as the Horse Guards have passed (usually about 9:45am).

Expressions of interest please.

Calling the regulars -
@sagefly - please pass on to Origami peeps
@Blue Hills
@little yellow brompton
c.c. [USER=9360]@rb58
, even if swanning off elsewhere.

Sorry if I forgot anyone, all welcome.

The small print, just as a reminder: This is not a formal ride under the auspices of any club. We will be just a bunch of friends on a ride together and my role will be simply to guide you round a route. As such, you will be riding under your own insurance.[/USER]
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Nick, maybe. I am not sure if its my aunt is having her 80th that weekend or not.

Will confirm once I know


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Sorry to be missing this one! I am leading a Brompton ride to Brighton on that day.


I'm a fairly good chance for this, actually a very good chance
Sorry Nick, aunt''s birthday weekend, but its only her 70th not 80th (I wonder if she would mind postponing for a decade!!)


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I’m less likely now i’m afraid as i’m committed to a long ride on the Saturday, then am heading off on (another) holiday early on the Monday. Not completely ruled it out though - what’s the ETA at the destination?
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