Coast to Coast - hybrid vs road bike

Which bike for C2C?

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Hi there

I am planning on doing my first C2C ride, Whithaven to Tynemouth soon.

I've got a Hybrid bike with triple at the front and 32 cc roads tyres vs a Road bike (alloy Spec diverge) with 28cc Conti GP 4 Season tyres (although road bike bike can take 32cc tyres also). Both have disc brakes.

I'm equally comfortable on both

Which bike should I use. Is the hybrid the better bet with triple MTB style gearing for the hills or am I better with the Diverge as lighter and will the typical compact setup be ok for the hills

Any advice gratefully received



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Depends how fit you are and which route you are taking. I did the C2C from Whitehaven to Sunderland taking in Hartside Pass, Allenheads, Crawleyside Bank to name a few. I was pretty fit by my standards and did it on a standard 11-30 compact without any real issue. Never felt like i needed more gearing.You can do all of the route on pretty good roads to be honest.

First two days routes here for ya in case they help.. dont know what happenned to day 3 but that is pretty much downhill all the way from Consett.


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Either. My nephew did it with a group of us on a Birdy folder. But he's a bit of a headcase....I blame his mum...


I'd go for the hybrid as some of the surfaces aren't too brilliant (that's from my C2C ride and other riding on the sections of the same route more recently) I did it on a Specialized Expedition hybrid about 17 years ago - just hope that the signage is a bit better now.

How much luggage and which bike will cope best with that?

Which bike is most reliable?

Which bike are you most comfortable doing repairs on the side of the road?

Which bike is most likely to get lifted if parked in the wrong place? Or which one would you least like to lose?

Using a train or other public transport? Which is most suitable?
I did it on a rigid MTB about 25 years ago and really needed those low gears on the off road climb out of Rookhope. There are tarmac alternatives to the off-road sections. As others have said, it depends on your route and how much kit you are carrying. If I were to do it again, I'd use my tourer because I'd be doing all of the off-road bits and carrying camping gear.

In the poll, I voted for the hybrid.

Good luck, and enjoy.
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