Cold Weather Riding

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My enthusiasm for riding is boundless—well, almost. I have ridden in freezing temperatures but I can’t say I’m fond of it. Today’s ride was about as low as I like to go at mid-to-upper 30’s F (single digits C). What’s your lower limit?


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Quite happily cycle in -5° to -10°C(23°F - 14°F).

-10°CC corrected to -10°C in edit.
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There's no lower limit if there's no ice. But here in SE Londinium it rarely gets too cold..
@hennbell is the one for cold temperatures
^ this

I’ve done my fair share of -4C rides so long as the roads are clear of ice. I’ve come off on ice late at night and wondered what on earth I am doing so now I won’t ride if there is a risk of ice daylight or not. Riding for me is all fitness and leisure so I just won’t risk riding in icey conditions as it is counterproductive when it all goes wrong. It takes a long time for the bruises to clear up and that is not great for fitness!!


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Ive been out in -2 or -3'c. its really not so bad so long as you have the right gear on.

Im doing as much as i can now as when the snow eventually hits then i'll be stuck indoors or switch over to walking down to my local river for fishing lol.


just to clarify -2 or -3'c is fine so long as the roads are clear and free of snow/black ice. I have a winter bike so i dont mind if the roads are wet or damp - it just has to be free of snow and ice.
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South of hades
went out Sunday. rye to New Romney. jeez it was freezing, wet mist and cold winds.
only just made the return leg before hypothermia set in.
could not see anything, dunno why I persisted, I need to buy a real bike






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I would be intrigued to understand your notion of “happy”. Perhaps I could achieve such. Perhaps in another life… 😉
I'd not be bothered enough if it were that cold, for it to stop me going out on two wheels. Colder weather is a case of adapting to the conditions, and being able to enjoy the quieter roads.
I've cycled to work in a still air temperature of -15°C, and then spent the morning outside, clearing paths and a small coach park.
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