Coloured Gear and Brake Cables?


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Have a look at jagwire. You can buy it by the metre so just get some same length as existing.


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I love my Park cable and housing cutter. Limped along with unsuitable substitutes for 20 years rather stupidly. Nothing beats the right tool for a job. In fact , my son always asks what I wanted for Christmas and last year I showed him the Park cable/housing cutter. Sure beat gourmet pears or cookies. Also have a Park tool to hold chainring nuts, a truing stand, a couple of headset wrenches, a crank arm puller and a crank nut wrench. They have held up well for years of service. If I can, I only buy tools once, even though they cost more at the git-go.


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Jagwire do loads and fir a lot of the colours you can get alloy caps etc... Brompton only use Basics cables so for the price of one Brompton cable you can generally do the lot with similar quality.


I've just bought a Jagwire kit for my son's bike (in Red).

Used them before and they are good quality.

Had to buy some more 5mm (brake) ferules though as they only supply 4 in the kit.


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The cable lengths are very critical or they don't lie neatly (and the bike might not even fold). Measure to the millimetre, and write down the measurements. As said above, Brompton cable is no great shakes and you can get better performance using an inner cable that is drawn (to make it smooth) after being wound, like Shimano,

On-One cable cutters are cheap and very good.


Did all my lads cables yesterday with the Jagwire kit, all went to plan and looks great (Red cables Black bike).

Shifting was spot on after proper adjustment, same with his brakes.
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