Colured Brake Hoods

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I saw that SRAM are offering ltd edition Red or White brake hoods. Is there anyone that sells coloured Ergo-Power hoods? I'd love some red ones but can't seem to find any - do they exist?


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rubbery paint that sticks to rubber and also metal, plastic, rope, wood, wire, glass & concrete may be what you need :eek: Coating&subCatID=47

Monty Dog

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Chorus and Record hoods are moulded from silicone rubber - you'll never get anything to stick to that, so I'm afraid you'll have to get used to boring, but practical black.


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Jash, I think you are taking the colour co-ordination thing just a little bit too far :eek: just stick with the standard black, afterall if you ride on the hoods you wont see them, if you ride on the drops, you'll be going so fast, no one else will see them :blush:
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