Come on, own up! Are you a geek?

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Oh ****! 80%

I don't even wear glasses! Can I have my schoolbag back now?


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70% - less than I'd thought


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East London
65% I had a bad run around the bum bag section. What about

Have you ever contributed to an open source project?
Have you ever LARPed?
Is Professor Frink you hero?
Following on from the above, have you ever completed a sentence with the noise "Mhey"
Do you have an account on Slashdot?

Obviously none of these relate to me. :biggrin:

I am now retreating to my geeky lair. :biggrin:


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Yarm, Cleveland
7.5% Geeky .....Get the F**k in!!

Lowest score among all you geek freaks.........mind you i am writing stuff in an internet forum so perhaps i shouldnt celebrate to loudly.

My theory is if you have an avatar that is in any way sci-fi, like star wars or star trek etc then you are 100% geek and should be sent to a quiet room to talk equations and constellations with other like minded geeks


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I'm not sure there's anything wrong with being a geek. Don't they tend to start companies like microsoft, google and e-bay and earn enough to buy a large island each, every week.
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