Come on peeps !

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Elmer Fudd

Miserable Old Bar Steward
Get on to magnatoms "win a helmet camera" by logging on to that thread and drop some cash in, surely a minimum donation of £2 aint going to break the bank.

I mean, I'm currently living on £66 a week on incapacity benefit (SSP) but I managed to find a few spare quid (OK, I missed a couple of pints out :biggrin:).

We (?) need to at least break the £100 barrier then Magnatom can nip back over to the Blood bus site and prove that most cyclists are nice people.

Dig as deep as you can !!


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Already sorted Ef,if i win i can use it at work on a late;)Or i can start wearing a helmet.:biggrin:


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Elmer Fudd said:
Snap !! I'll take a "video" of me trying to get the dog out of the ponds when I let him off the leash !!

On second thoughts,ill look a little strange,with a cycle helmet on while im driving:biggrin:


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Never thought of that,ill have to dig out my wopping elvis lapel shirts to attach it too,thang yu verra mush.
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