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I work 12 hour shifts, 6AM - 6PM but only have a 6 mile jouney (12 miles a day).

But i find myself driving in due to the early start and long day (physical work) and i am like the walking dead by 6PM.

Who else does silly hours and commutes?

I would be interested in any tips / hints to help.


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12 Hour shifts are the craziest idea I have ever heard of. No one can function properly over that time and it is dangerous.


I used to do 10 to 18 hour days/nights at one point on a 4 mile each way commute starting at any time and finishing at any time ( HGV driver) the trip in was no problem but I must admit the trip home was a struggle, the car was an even worse option ( getting from behind one steering wheel to behind another)
Looking back I'm glad I'm out of it but at the time it was just what I did !
I do 12hr nights, 7pm-7am, on an 8 day rota (4 in/4 off) but luckily I don't have to get up early to commute as I get up to collect the kids from school and have a family meal before departing but I have to admit, I recently had the possibility of doing a few weeks on days to provide cover and I didn't fancy having to get up in time to drive or cycle to work. I love the cycle home after the 12 hrs, still lots of zip left on most occasions (AND BEFORE ANYONE SAYS IT, I DO WORK HARD!) and when it is the journey home you have no choice and a worthwhile destination.


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I generally cheat on days where I start work before 6am or finish after 7pm. I'm not a fan of setting alarms that start with 04, or getting home late. Length of shift isn't really a problem - if anything, the longer it is, the more I look forward to the bike ride home. My bike ride home is my "me" time :-)
I used to leave home at 7:15am, cycle 7.5 miles to work, shower and be at my desk for 8:30am. Lunch was only attained by being somewhere without wireless or electricty, so I would swim around 1km at lunch (if I stayed at my desk or went to the canteen, I did not get a lunch break). work until 5:00pm usually without any sensible breaks in a very stressful job and cycle 8.5 miles home (just don't ask about the difference, there was a ridiculous gradient on a hill which was single track and if you had to stop to let a vehicle come through you could not get started again, so I would cycle home a different,longer route), getting home around 6:30pm. Usually exhausted. I would aim not do anything at all on a Saturday and would only take a shorter bike ride with my husband on the Sunday.

After 7 years, I quit from ill health related to stress from the job, rather than exhaustion from the cycling... cycling was part of the stress relief as was the swimming and it was the only reason I lasted 7 years!

Perhaps you need to look more carefully at nutrition?


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My contract hours are 40hrs per week but we have to be flexible either end of the shift so my hours broken down into a week averages around 51hrs. The job is physically demanding and deadline stressy at times, especially the containers from China I have to empty by hand. But my mileage on the bike now is just over 6 miles round trip so thats not so bad. I usually extend my ride home when the weather is too good to go home and if I need to wind-down after a bad day.....Work hard play hard. I always look forward to the weekend with the family and plenty of rest.

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I do shifts and sometimes twelve hour turnarounds,during the weekend generally but I always cycle in anyway.My manager asked me today how long my commute was in relation to fatigue and my job,never been asked before but I guess they now realise how important it is.Sometimes im up at 230am but I don't really mind it,it's my favourite really,few cars on the road at that time of morning and an easier commute.

Strange thing is I felt awful before work yesterday but felt much better after the first fifteen minutes on the bike although they were a slog.I was fine today even though I only got six hours sleep,would guess that's all related to tiredness.


30 minutes train journey, 1 hour cycle, 8.5 hours in the office, 1.5 hours cycle.

Leave the house at 6.25am, and usually home for 7.00pm


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We start at 6.00am but finish around 2pm, i leave around 5 when cycling in its about 13 miles, exept satardays when we start at 6am and finish between 11pm and 3am sunday morning my longest shift without a break is 25 1/2hrs that was a killer.
There is a couple of south african boys that used to cycle 23 miles into work, do a 24hr shift and cycle 23 miles back again. One said that 6 miles from home one day he fell off the bike and fell asleep on the side of the road until a police man woke him thinking he was dead.
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