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I currently have a 2009 Trek 1.2 and a 2012 Trek Madone 4.5.

Due to constraints at home I am having to look into getting rid of one of these. I am looking at keeping the Madone and putting my commuting wheels onto it for week days and using the carbon wheels for sportives etc.

Does any one have any experience / pearls of wisdom / thoughts on using a full carbon bike for commuting?

Rack is not an issue as I use a rucksack and commute about 13 miles each way about 3 times a week.


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I don't see the problem other than the ideal all-weather all-year round commuting bike would have disc brakes, in my experience. I often ride my carbon rim-braked bike to work on dry days but prefer not to chew through the rims with salt & muck 3x per week in the winter.


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Just get some winter wheels maybe and keep it clean?

Also, bear in mind where you'll be locking it up, is it secure but also will it get bashed by people locking their bikes up etc. Decent stands rather than wheelbenders?

Rucksack for 13 miles, ugh, but each to their own!
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I have one bike I use for commuting and road riding. If I had the funds I would have separate bikes, as commuting in all weathers does tend to run a bike into the ground more quickly.
Never caused me a problem when I used to ride carbon :okay:
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